[Suggestion - Boat shops at the Water Outposts}

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  1. Please replace the boat shops at the wild outposts surrounded by water. I'm hoping it was just something that was overlooked when the new outposts were built. It was a very convenient set up.
  2. I assume it was overlooked. +1
  3. bump. Please fix this.
  4. I've missed the Boat Shops also. I've also noticed that there don't seem to be as many Boats left around the Outposts now like there used to be. I think people are hanging onto them so they don't have to go back to Town to craft them.
  5. It'll be resolved soon
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  6. Soon of course meaning when Krysyy or SS can do the hard labor and get some shops up =)

    I'd probably expect by Friday/Saturday since I don't have much going on this week.
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  7. "hard labor"
  8. Lol should have used 'manual labor'
  9. Do you have a specific outpost that they seem to be missing at in the wild?
    Or perhaps this is referring to the wastelands?
  10. It is the wild outposts. There used to be boat shops at all of them that were surrounded by water. There is usually at least one per server. Specifically the one I am interested in is the SMP3 North outpost. If you need an example of what I mean.
  11. Lol that's one if not the only wild outpost that is that much encased by water. No wonder I couldn't figure it out. Yeah that's a pretty easy fix. i'll copy one over from a dif server.
  12. 3 of the smp6 outposts have immediate water that could use boat shops also smp6 end return portal puts you inside a block at spawn (you can res unstuck or /town to get out but still)
  13. Message me coords and I'll check into changing it.
  14. *is lazy and wont get to this for a week*
  15. *is busy fixing boat shops*
  16. Docks fixed.
  17. Oh and this is fixed too.
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