[SUGGESTION] Bigger waste nether area

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  1. Hello EMC,
    I have the frequent problem of when I go to /nwaste I fall off the stairs and loose everything again, and again and again. This has happened to me three times. andits really annoying. There is two solutions to this problem. have indistructible platforms in a circle around the outpost or not take damage in a circle around the outpost:
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  2. But isn't the staircase itself also indestructible?

    I think the bottom line here is to be careful and do not assume that the stairs will actually lead you to a safe area. Heck: the nether isn't safe per definition, so why expect safety when you walk off the ladder?

    I do agree that sometimes the outposts end up in a bit of a 'weird' area, and sometimes dangerous too. But I also consider that part of the game. You don't run into an unknown (dark) cave in the overworld, so why wouldn't the same apply to the stairs of an outpost?

    This comes from someone who has build plenty of ladders, platforms and stairs around Waste outposts. Reminds me that I should build a new underwater dome mining area :)


    Anyway, sorry but:


    Not only for the reason mentioned above, but a bigger area would also 'confiscate' more precious nether quartz and selfish as I am I don't want EMC to take even more quartz for themselves :D
  3. Fly with an Elytra off the platform :)
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  4. Thats what I did and couldn't get to a safe area XD
  5. ++11111111!!1!11 thanks for your amazing suggestion Guill, keep up the "great" work
  6. The code for the wastelands auto places the stairs in place up to a certain point where there is no more air. I'd advise paying attention to where you are running a tad more so that you don't run straight into lava.
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  7. You can look at where you're going as you run down the stairs. If it's surrounded by lava, enderpearls are a good thing to bring to the nether.
  8. Ender pearls, fire resist potions, and some voters boots go a long way in the nether. Also, after the first time you fell, wouldn't you be more careful? Or ask someone to come help you build stairs?
  9. Is this sarcam?
    You've been pretty negative lately on threads
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  10. Mate im not bringing 50k on my back that replaces my most protective armor piece to a burning pit like the nether! I have already lost an elytra to a pit of lava and im not loosing it again