[SUGGESTION] Better mob drop rules

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who shouldve gotten the drops, player one or player two?

Poll closed Aug 30, 2016.
player one 6 vote(s) 54.5%
player two 1 vote(s) 9.1%
something else (tell me in the reply section) 4 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. welp
    its happend to me, to my friends, to you (probably)

    Lets say Player1 finds a marlix and brings his friends (Player2) to help

    player 2 comes with a wooden how and half gold - half leather armor and continusly asks player1 for food during the fight

    Player1 came with his op god set and op bow to fight the marlix.

    Now watch how this plays out, player1 gets his armor rekt and turned into a porcupine by the marlix and its minions, finally landing the final shot with his bow (yay!) wanna know what player2 is doing? eating a cheseburger (given to him by player one) under the marlix, and player2 collects the drops.

    now, we will all hope that player2 knows he didnt really help kill the marlix, so he should give player1 (most) of the drops right?

    NOPE! Player2 isnt like that, hes arrogant and takes it all for himself.

    player1 obviously complains but emc rules say that the colector of the drops keeps them

    A little unfair dont you think? My proposal is that the person who did the most damage (earn the most tokens) should be the one to pick who gets what drops. Guys its really simple, no coding/plugins invoulved just change the rule. People like this make me so angry! Ive lost a marlix bow to this! Ive lost a marlix helmet to this aswell! My friend lost a marlix chest plate to this! This is urgent! People like this MUST be stopped!

    Thats all i have to say, please leave your suggestions below
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  2. Well.. -1 its their fault for travelling with them or telling them its in /waste .. There is really nothing to do,this has happened before, nothing happened
  3. yeah, thats why i only fight momentus by myself. just pick better friends?
  4. Don't have bad friends, play with trust able people -1
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  5. how should i know i have a bad friend? any one of them can be muderers and i hae no idea
  6. I think this has been suggested in the past and got denied. -1 because
    SHARING IS CARING!:) And plus it's the experience of killing custom mobs with friends. If you wanted the drops you should've not invited your friend
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  7. -1. Your idea of only allowing the drops going to the player that did the most damage is flawed. For example, player1 and player2 are friends. Both players actively participate in the fight with a miniboss, each dealing a significant amount of damage. In the end it is determined that player1 did the most damage. With your system player1 would get the drops. He decides to keep them for himself. However, isn't that unfair to player2? Player2 was active in the fight and helped just as much as player1 did. Why should player1 get to keep them all for himself?

    Another idea I've seen passed around is that the drops go into the inventory of the player who did the most damage. That idea is flawed in the same aspect as yours. It is unfair as it gives one person the responsibility to distribute the drops. If that player wants to.

    Overall, there is no system that could be put in place that is entirely fair to everyone involved in a miniboss fight. It is best to either fight them alone or fight them with friends you trust.
  8. maybe, don't call for player2's help ever again?
  9. Not sure this would work out so -1
  10. The rules can change but how do you prove it all? Who did what and how much.
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  11. the current rulse state that the player who picks up the drops distributes them

    my idea is a person who deserves to distribute them does so
  12. what i Always do when fighting alongside others is
    the one who got the most tokens from the battle wins
    because i'm pretty sure token rewards are linked to the damage you do against the mob :)
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  13. always make good agreement with ppl about dividing loot b4 fighting, also try 2 find reliable ppl. dont ask for any1 to help on town chat, that usually gets you problems. try 2 ask ppl in ur friends list. try asking ppl who most other ppl know.

    and its always unfair! u talk about marlix bow & helmet. thats easy 25k. so what other ppl get? maybe 3 skeleton heads and some arrows?

    everytime i fought momie with friends we agreed to auction good loot and split money or that 1 of us could have it b/c he wanted it 4 his collection.
  14. Players are not required to distribute the drops. You said that yourself in your post.

    Besides, a player may distribute them, but he/she won't necessarily do it fairly. Say for example a Marlix drops a Marlix Bow, 3 vault vouchers, 20 dragon stone fragments, and 30 shiny arrows. Player1 does the most damage and collects the drops. He decides that he'll take the bow, the vault vouchers, and the fragments, leaving player2 with the shiny arrows. This is clearly unfair to player2 since he helped just as much in the fight as player1.
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  15. i think i made it clear that player 2 didnt do anything :p
  16. Player 2 doing anything didn't have anything to do with my point. My point was that players are not required to share the drops no matter who does the most damage.
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  17. and my point is the opposite, as thats kinda unfair
  18. Was it rude of player2 to do this? Yes. Was it unfair? No. Items on the ground are free game. There is no way to prove ownership of an item on the ground unless it was previously in a player's inventory.
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  19. Because nothing happened in the past, was because this "new rule" he is proposing doesn't exist yet so it kinda aint a valid argument.
    Well if you asked your friend for help, then they shouldnt "steal"(or take all) drops. So limiting to fight the monstah by yourself is not a good solution since playing with friends fairly is more fun.
    In my opinion if 2 players are fighting, both of them should be rewarded by items, not necesarrily player1 with the bow, and player 2 with some lame arrows, not both getting a bow, but let say:

    If reward is given in >1 quantities, the system could divide "equally"(if uneven number of drop, then 1 is greated by one unit), and should be mailed to the players

    If a reward is only once then do a lottery style. and the prize is given random
    • What if it drops a chestpiece and a bow? then the item that was sorted first would go to p1 and the second one to p2
    • What if they are in a big group, then the rewards could be drop and 1st come 1st serve since essentially no one did a "significant" amount of damage(or maybe mailed to the group leader)
    Just an idea, dont need to flame me! i tried to vizualize all possible situations and tried to do it as fairly as possible..
    Also maybe putting the rewards in a chest instead of just laying, not good when a momentus is near a lava lake =/
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  20. I've never had had this problem. I always walk away with the tokens and the loot. Cause I'm a loner and a loner gets the whole drop.