[Suggestion] Bed Spawn Removal Command

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  1. So, I was just thinking that it would be a neat thing to have a command to reset your spawn location without affecting others who've previously slept in the bed, '/bedspawn remove' or something of the sorts.

    Basically what the command would do is remove the information of your last bed slept area and send you to wherever the safest location is, (Wastelands/Frontier Spawn). I thought this would be useful instead of breaking the bed and possibly affecting many others for your easy travel back to spawn. (This would most certainly be useful for events where death may be included a lot and someone wants to leave early)

    To go with this would be a command such as '/bedspawn location' that would tell you in which what coordinates and world was your last bed that you've slept in/set your spawn at
    An addition to '/bedspawn location', there could be a '/bedspawn location <Name>', in which whatever you insert to the "<Name>" portion would create a name in parentheses to to the side of the prompt displaying upon '/bedspawn location', so you don't get confused by what the location is and accidentally delete an important bed spawn.
    Ex. Bed Spawn: 12,345x, 67y, 890z [Frontier Overworld] (Frontier Base)

    '/bedspawn location' original comment by Uber_Corq;
  2. great idea
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  3. This would be amazing. I get tired of respawning in a bed then having to move it one block to the left to get back to town :p
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  4. I like the idea of the removal of the bed spawn with a command, but you will still have to die or it just becomes a free transport to town....
  5. +1 :)
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  6. I only stated removing the bed spawn, the death would of course be on your own will =P
  7. This is a great idea - especially if you've accidentally set your spawn in someone else's house and can't destroy their bed to reset it. +1
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  8. I'm all for this, fab idea! +1 from me :)
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  9. step 1: make your own bed
    step 2: break said bed
    step 3:?????
    step 4: ur back in town
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  10. But some players share beds :p
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  11. That is why you make a new one, and place it then sleep in it. As at the moment, it doesn't require it to be night to set the spawn.
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  12. Not everyone is able to easily recreate beds, think to do so at the time, or don't want to waste a good bed =P
  13. Awesome idea; this would have saved me a lot of money/diamonds. +1 :)
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  14. Along with the reasons already posted, sometimes your bed is REALLY far away from you. Sure, you could die, respawn in the bed, move the bed, and die again, but usually if I need to get out of the wild that badly it is for some time sensitive reason and any additional steps will make things harder. Being able to type a simple command will easily alleviate that.
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  15. lol its funny cause you can already do this exact thing with normal beds (without the command)

    It's not even like players are getting any advantage tbh, its to me just a "timesaving feature" for players who are far away from their bed.

    ALSO if you want to do this without the command, just copy what is in the picture, works great
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  16. 1. make new bed
    2. sleep on it
    3. break it
    4. your in town.

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  17. New beds aren't always available.
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  18. not hard to find 3 sheep, and one block of wood in the wild
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  19. This is meant solely as a simplistic, time-saving feature, so the fact that there are more complex, time-consuming alternatives is beside the point. I like the idea; it's a +1 from me. There could even be another command that spits out the coordinates of the bed you have set, in case you're not sure what location you're about to delete.
  20. i mean in that case why not cut out the middleman and just have a kill command that unsaves your spawn?

    would save you the time of still having to kill yourself and you dont have to mess with others beds

    edit: i mean theres really no other reason for this command, if you are just "moving beds" you have another bed anyways so the only function would be to go back to town without disturbing others no? so this is a kill command then
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