[Suggestion] Barriers at PvP

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  1. There is transparent glass at the PvP arenas. The glass is not considered a solid block so people can use enderpearls to get into them and stay there, heal up and just walk back in. Replace the transparent glass with barrier blocks so people can't abuse enderpearls to get into the glass and hide.

    Please leave feedback below.
  2. Yeah the epearl glitch is just like when people did /pvp with no time penalty

    So +1
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  3. I like this because i have fought alot in pvp before i took a long break and people would do that and others would get FURIOUS. And when i say FURIOUS i mean cussing out other players and basically getting themselves banned from emc =P
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  4. Glitches, exploits, hacks... Will it ever end?

    +1 from me for this!
  5. +9001

    I find it unfair that this happens. Replacing it with barrier blocks will help this problem :)
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  6. Sounds like a pretty darn good and smart idea to me. :)
  7. I don't do PVP myself but this sounds like an interesting suggestion to me.

    The only caveat I can think of is to making sure that players realize that there is a barrier there. You can see glass, but not a barrier, so if its not obvious enough then it could create a new problem: players abusing their knowledge of the barrier at the expense of players who might think its an open space.

    So maybe instead of replacing the glass they could add the barrier behind it or somewhere in between?
  8. good suggestion tho i think we have all did it we hate it when other's do so +1
  9. I thought we had done this, but it seems that I was mistaken.
    I'll look at what all we need to do, but we'll need BOTH the glass and the barriers. Barriers to stop people from cheating, glass to allow people to not run smack into a wall thinking nothing is there. *faceplant slapstick comedy ensues*
    Might be fixed tonight, might be tomorrow, depending on level of energy after Creature Capture.
  10. Follow up:
    I've fixed Blue so far. It's gonna take a tad longer to do thing properly because of moving walls, etc, but I don't anticipate more than a week to have everything up and working again. I'll post once I finish completely.
  11. Down with unfair fighting I say!
  12. Done. Moving this to the archives now =)