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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Terminator908, Sep 20, 2016.

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  1. I think it would be really cool if the process of redeeming a supporter voucher was automated. It could work very similar to redeeming a vault voucher, how you just right click and confirm. If you were already supporting the additional voucher would simply be added to your supportership time. If the voucher you used is a different supporter level than your current level it would switch after the regular 1 month time had elapsed. This would be useful because I wouldn't be waiting 3+ days to get diamond like I currently am. Of course Kryssy has a life and this might make it easier for her as well. Sorry if this has already been suggested, let me know what you think please!
  2. I agree that it would be awesome. But something tells me that if this was (relatively) easily doable then the staff would already have done this.

    Thing is: as much as I'd love to see this happening I can also come up with several reasons why this might not be the best of ideas. For starters the risk of abuse: I believe most of us won't, but there will be players who might try to abuse the system. And that could get dangerous. Because everything is a group; diamond, gold, and iron are all supporter groups. But the staff position is also a group of its own.

    Therefor I could well imagine that the last thing the developers would want is to somehow give regular players limited access in actually changing their own group. If a glitch were to happen then this could have very nasty consequences, or so I believe.

    So my guess (in the end it's obviously just that)... I'm not too sure that this is going to happen.

    Once again: that doesn't mean I don't agree with the suggestion of course, if this would be possible somehow then I'd definitely be a fan of that!
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  3. We have mentioned in the past that this is something that we are working towards, our current system does not support it however.

    As for your waiting time, I know it hasn't been 3 days. If you submitted a few hours after I activated them last, then at most it's been 48 hours due to internet issues on my end. I'll have it activated when I get home tonight. We received notice that our internet should be back up again.

    If you purchase them for yourself, I advise signing up for a subscription, then cancelling. It will only charge for the one month and is nearly instantaneous. Vouchers were meant as a way to buy them for other people.
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