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Good Idea?

Yes 9 vote(s) 40.9%
No 9 vote(s) 40.9%
Maybe, Needs Improvement 4 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Hey EMC

    So I was going through a couple servers and seeing what features they have that EMC doesn't have, anyway I came across one server which I will not name that gives you the ability to auction your stuff in game. Here's how it works.

    So they are the commands, don't worry Blackmarket is not the name of the server it's just what they call it, anyway you start an auction with /Auction start (Amount Of Thing's You're Auctioning) (Starting Price) (Min Increments) (Time eg. 60 seconds or 120 seconds)

    Then people will see the auction, they can type /auction info and it will give the info on the auction they can then type /bid (Your Bid Number)

    Is the above writing still not clear? Well this is an example of how it would work in game if this was done. I would be holding in my hand a stack of iron /auction start 64 192 5 60

    64 is the number of items I'm auctioning.
    192 is the starting bid.
    5 is the minimum bid increment.
    60 is the time set, 60 seconds.

    You would not be able to bid while in the Wild/Waste to prevent people getting items out there.

    And the best part there is a command /auc off which will prevent it from coming up in your news feed and there is a fee of 100 - 500r to stop spammers.

    Please let me know what you think!

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  2. People auction in game without commands.
    They just call people online to their res saying their auctionin something and then just let them debate on their price
  3. I vote no.

    Auctions are one of the reasons that people come on the forums and we would not want more spammers advertising their auction.
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  4. Then again, this is multi server.
    So using commands doesn't really have a difference.
    This could also be used for people in wild to recieve materials at overpriced, then they are repaid the rupees.
    So this is also scamming for all people.
  5. It's no where near as effective as a proper auction would be.
  6. I saw that. But people like to server hop and tell people that they are having an auction. Enabling this will make it so more people do that.
  7. I'm going to say no. The chat gets spammed enough already.
  8. Maybe limit to hold one auction every 10 minutes?
  9. And guys please remember there is a command /auc off that will prevent it from coming up in your chat.
  10. One an hour,
    But this kind of takes away the purpose of forums.
    Maybe online is if you're trying to get rid of something?
  11. In game auctions would be for like a stack of iron, you can't auction that on the forums because it needs to be a DC

    It's basically for stuff you can't auction on forums I guess
  12. So ICC flesh?
    That's illegal to auctions at all.
  13. I vote yes... For the concept. People hold auctions in-game and often they are not rule-abiding. This would, in theory, eliminate that. Of course, the Empire codes their own plugins, so it would be made to the EMC standards and custom-fit the server.
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  14. Yes, sorry to all the people that thought I meant we just get this plugin I was implying that EMC custom make it to fit our rules.
  15. If this was implying me, then no apology needed. I knew that you knew that EMC would make their own. Good idea still.
  16. This is a huge server. People with auctions on in chat will be left with so much spam. Also, it would be hard to search for auctions and moderate them. Imagine how many noobs will post "64 dirt for 200r".
  17. Once again, that's why there would be an auction starting fee
  18. I strongly disagree with this due to the fact that it would induce an unbelievable amount of spam, and think about all the fake auctions with misleading renamed items etc... I say we stick to the forums for auctions.
  19. Many servers have this and emc is UNIQUE so no