[Suggestion] Apply for pixelart in the flag shop

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Should there be an application process for player made map art?

Yeah! I want to decorate! 6 vote(s) 100.0%
No! Keep my map art at home! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So, there is some really cool map art on various SMPs, but as of now, they're restricted so the SMP they're made on. I would like to see an application process for player made map art to be incorporated into either the EMC flag shop or another shop build on each SMP.

    If accepted, the art would become property of EMC, and the player who made it would receive no financial compensation for sales.

    As far as I can tell, it wouldn't take long to move them to the other SMPs. Just a senior staff member grabbing the blocks and copying them next to the existing flags in the flag shop.

    Let's see what you all want!
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  2. Oh yeah, I was going to post these.

    These are two from SMP2, among many others made by players.

    Post your favorite player made art here! I really don't know what all is out there, being an asocial creature who hides deep underground on smp2 most days.
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  3. It is true that there is some awesome pixel at created by players on the SMPs. It is also true that these players have the ability to make them on multiple servers. This is not something that needs EMC Staff to exist.

    Yes, it will take more time and likely could use a planning crew. But it will have been made by the community for the community as these should be. The EMC Flag shop is limited in design acceptance in order to not infringe upon player creation. If you have a country flag that we haven't released yet, sit tight. We've got some incoming but had to handle a paste issue. If you want something that isn't a country, start building your own design. It's not our place to stifle the community and make everything automatically input with World Edit. That's not the way survival works.

    TLDR; denied for staff auto placement, but maybe try putting together a team and making this a project for the community.
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  4. Ok, thread change! Looking for wool farmers, builders, motivated players who want some maps!

    Anyone who has seen a map or has an idea that they want to build as map art, post here. If there's enough support and a large enough crew, we could start making some stuff!