Suggest Some Map Art To Make!

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  1. Hey all! I'm looking for the next map art to make. What I'm looking for here is one of two things

    1: An existing map art that you want on your server! It can be one from another SMP, another server (no advertising. Be careful with the screenshots), or something that's been made in a single player world.

    2: An image that you want turned into art. It can be literally anything that follows the rules of EMC.

    Post the images here, and I'll either have a separate thread with like, a top 5 to be voted on, or if there's a very clear favorite, I'll just go ahead and make that.
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  2. That iconic Simpsons doughnut.

  3. Not sure how I'd do Harambe, maybe a generic gorilla head in black and white. The donut, I can do.

    Also, lets have an SMP you want these on.
  4. SMP2? :p
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  5. I would love to see a "coat of arms" on smp1 doesn't have to be this, but this is an example of what I'm thinking of.

    I'm going to be opening my banner shop on smp1 "banner manor" and you could sell those maps there if you're interested ^_^
  6. Ok, I'll take a look at some.
  7. please
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  8. There isn't enough orange wool in Minecraft to replicate that... thing.
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  9. XD how about you make my signature
  10. Redstone stuff perhaps? It surprises me that this area is a little underdeveloped. For example: you can put flowers and skulls on banners, but not redstone dust. And I always feel it's a little left behind in that regards.
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  11. My computer died from the ugly
  12. Do my face:

    SMP8 :p