[SUGGESTION] Anvils At Waste Spawns

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  1. As the title says, Anvils at waste spawns, In case you need to repair a pick, Or buying them from a sign at the spawn. Would really help.
  2. You could just vault it and take it to smp6 and use the ones at PVP. Or have one in your ender chest and use it in waste.
  3. +1

    This would be very useful
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  4. ^
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  5. This would mean no one would need anvils anymore, not sure how I feel about that...
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  6. Anvils would need to be replaced often, so not sure how ss feel about that, but I like the idea.
  7. Pretty sure they can think of a way to have it either not break, or replace automatically.
  8. Maybe a sell sign?
  9. -1 To save Sr. Staffs from being more slaved...
  10. ^

    Yes you are both true but I think aikar can do some stuff in the code and make it so they cant break.
  11. Or let natural selection find the best anvil(s), which are the ones that survive until the wasteland reset.
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  12. Bump! Who else thinks this is a good idea?
  13. -1 Just go to /pvp
  14. +1 I see it as being used just on the server it is on, people don't always want to hop servers just to repair their items. However, I also agree that making them unbreakable will cause a recession in the anvil economy, and if SS had to replace them constantly that would be a big burden. I recon a sell sign solution, or the following:

    - There is a sign with something like "Wild Anvil"
    - The uses of this attacks a certain amount of r for using the service
    - Upon clicking the sign, it displays a portable anvil to the user to use.
    - User repairs there stuff.
    - User exists GUI
    - If user needs to use it again, they pay another fee.
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  15. If I were at Spawn already, I would just /home and repair it. I keep one set up near my tp and have whatever materials (Diamoonds, Iron, a Bow...) I need for the repairs there.
  16. +1 there is already no use to have anvils because of /pvp and it would save a lot of peoples time that dont live on smp6 haveing to transport their items over and back all the time.
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  17. Building onto this, maybe a command similar to vault? /anvil possibly?
    That could bring up an anvil interface and then charge a fee similar to vault. You could buy a voucher / pay rupees to decrease the price possibly?
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  18. Going to /PvP takes up a lot of time, and especially for new players that do not know how to server hop and goto PvP.
  19. Some SMPs allow you to use the anvils at the flag shop (under town spawn). I actually already broke one because of excessive use :p. Just hope they don't change this now.
  20. Didnt think of this.+1 to this addition!
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