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  1. If you are a busy stone slab like me, you notice that your chat gets filled with spam.

    I would like to set Action Messages (Or teleport messages, whatever you want to call them) as titles/subtitles. Here is an example:

    It gives you the message that you have been teleported and below it, it says the additional text. It could be the residence enter/exit message or the text telling you that you are in the same residence.

    If you haven't teleported (like when you walk out of a residence), then it would just be like this:

    I think this would help cut down on spam.

    I only foresee 2 problems:
    • Lack of color in the title/subtitle (Can only set to 1 color, I believe)
    • How much time should it stay up
      • For this, I think the ideal time is 2 seconds with a fade in/out of .5.
  2. Oh, yes! I'd use this instead of the existing method!
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  3. I've been on servers that had text like that popping up every 5 seconds. "Blah blah is auctioning sharpness II sword!" or "Blah blah has won blah blah!" It's really annoying. Personally I wouldn't like it, it's kinda like a spam of it's own type.
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  4. It is a player setting AND it only shows up when you enter/leave residence or teleport
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  5. Currently there is a /ps setting to move status messages to the action bar. This is an evolving feature so you may see other messages (maybe res enter/leave and those teleported messages) being added as part of that /ps setting.
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  6. I am well aware of this feature. I do believe that in this circumstance, it would be better to have this specific feature to be using subtitles.
    You don't want too much action to be in the action bar.
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  8. It'd be pretty spammy. Even if it's a PS, I don't find it necessary. I see it fit better on the action bar.
  9. It is necessary for people like me. We do not need the chat spammed with nonsense.

    And I would rather not have the action bar to cover everything, then you won't understand half of it because the amount of things it shows.
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  10. You could have a PS to disable the message in chat, unless you need to know that you teleported somewhere >.>
  11. True, but this looks better and has a much cleaner function in my mind.
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  12. I think an option for chat/subtitle/action could work. subtitle can work for people on smaller screen sizes where action bar overlaps chat.

    but "Teleported" specifically I think ill just move to action completely. No reason for it to be a PS.

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  13. Thanks :)
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