[ SUGGESTION ] Another new Miniboss

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  1. Here is another MiniBoss idea! :D

    Colossal The Giant Squid!

    There would be a Giant Squid about the size of momentus!
    Spawn Message: Something Lurks in the Deep...
    It would Spawn in any water source that it can fit in.
    While Fighting, it squirts out ink and makes it hard to see. It also puts a potion of slowness on you.
    It can drop ink sacs, prisimarine crystals, and a rare drop "Colossal's Tentacle" and make it a blaze rod or something. (I'm not very good at ideas like that, just idea in general :p )

    Comment anything else you think it could have or do. Like i said, I'm not the best at ideas within the idea :p
  2. Since these great ideas are multiplying over the last week, we don't want to let any of them slip through the cracks. If you have a miniboss/mob suggestion, please submit to:
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  3. +9001
    we need moar!
  4. I don't think this'd work because the only reason momentus worked was because minecraft already has the 'giant' mob in the game whereas there is no giant squid mob already in the game... I'd be harder than momentus anyway.
  5. hmm could you change a squid into a whale? cause if it was a whale +9,000,000,000,000 but for now its a 8,999,999,999,999.9