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  1. So throughout the past few months, I have been developing some new ideas for some mini-bosses.
    (No, I did not publish these now to compete with the other ideas that are coming out)

    So I plan on making water travel a bit more difficult. I want to make it so that you cannot AFK in a boat and travel very far. So here goes it...

    1) The Forsaken Shrieker
    When it spawns a message pops up that reads: A loud, ultra low frequency has been located nearby..., (Which is a reference to the Bloop Mystery of 1997)
    The mob is a special Elder Guardian, which would be super hard to kill, because it swims super fast, and spawns Enraged Guardians (see below)

    Once killed, The Forsaken Shrieker drops an array of rare items-
    NOAA Tracking Instrument (Incredibly rare drop) (Enchanted Compass)
    Soulbound- Will not drop on death
    Lore: It appears that the Forsaken Shrieker you have encountered has destroyed a NOAA submarine...
    Uses: (I have no idea whether this would be possible to be code but if so) Redeem for the coordinates of ONE Ocean Monument on a server

    Scouting Boat (Enchanted Boat- Title would have been black; black on black looks bad :p)
    Unbreakable- The boat will not break if you crash it into the shores
    Soulbound- Will not drop on death
    Lore: You have found a slightly damaged speedboat. There are some mysterious scratches on the side of the boat...
    Uses: This boat will travel faster than a normal boat, and the drop percentage is about 50%, which is more common than the NOAA tracking instrument

    2) Enraged Guardian
    No it is not what you think. This is not one of the enraged guardians that Marlix or Momentus Summons.
    This is a Water Guardian that is summoned by the Forsaken Shrieker to defend itself. The Guardian would not drop any additional items, as it is a summoned Guardian.

    *I am unsure whether that the next two mini-bosses will be able to be created, as I do not know whether it is possible to make neutral mobs hostile*

    3) Architeuthis
    This is a massive Squid that is tough and has a very high amount of health, and on rare occasions, moves slower, but has a higher amount of health than a normal Architeuthis, but has thorns III.
    When spawned, it has a pop up message that says: A large shadow rises from the depths...
    After the spawn message appears, all boats within 500 blocks break
    *Note: This will only spawn in the Deep Ocean Biomes, because of its size*

    A normal version of Architeuthis has thorns II, and move a little faster than a normal squid does. Because of the slowness of the squid, it has 500 HP.
    When hit, it summons assistance (See Vampire Squid)
    A hit from one of the squid's bubble-beams does 2 damage.

    Deep Sea Fishing Rod
    Unbreaking IV
    Lure V
    Luck of the Sea V
    Soulbound- Will not drop on death
    Lore: One unlucky fisherman seems to have snagged Architeuthis, and lost his Lucky Rod...
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  2. Fishing Boat: (Enchanted Boat)
    Unbreaking: Boat will not be destroyed when coming in contact with land
    Soulbound: Item will not drop on death
    Lore: An unlucky team of fishermen seem to have lost their boat, let’s hope they were rescued…
    Uses: For every 250 blocks sailed, a random fish or other fishable item would be dropped in a player’s inventory.
    (combined with Fishing Cooler Drop)

    Vampire Squid: Unlike other enraged guardians these give small amounts of tokens when killed, and have a special drop

    Fishing Cooler: Every 1/50 Vampire Squids will drop a Fishing Cooler.
    Soulbound: Will not Drop on Death
    Lore: Look! An ice cooler. If only I had something to combine this with…
    Uses: Like a Donkey’s chests, it provides an extra 15 slots of storage, but reduces boat speed by 15%
    Red ink sacs-
    Vampire squids drop red ink sacs, which is enchanted ink
    Lore: What is in this mysterious mixture? Is that… Blood?

    The Gulls- Like netherhounds in the overworld
    The gulls are an airborne chicken (with an invisible bat underneath?)
    They fly around in herds of 3-7, and are fairly easy to kill.
    If fish are present in inventory, and extra 3-4 gulls may be spawned.
    Gulls spawn over the oceans, and on beach biomes.

    Gull egg: 1/100 gulls drop Gull eggs, and those (if possible) could be used to spawn a personal baby gull (like a pet)
    Gull Meat:
    Lore: Ewww… it smells like the sea, and is covered in a weird slimy substance…
    (When eaten, gives user nausea for 10 seconds, but fills 6 food (3 drumstick thingies in right above hotbar)
    Oiled feathers: When player uses flame bow to attack gull, 75% chance oil feathers will be placed in player’s inventory.
    Lore: These feathers are black, and sticky... I am beginning to feel sick...
    Reduces speed 15%, and gives nausea forever while in inventory and for 20 seconds after feather is dropped out of inventory

    May be used in a special crafting recipe if devs are able to make special crafting recipes. (Maybe a sail to increase boat speed?)

    Tell me what you think below! If you have any ideas on how to change these, fell free to add those recommendations.
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  3. Update Log
    16 September 2015- Nerfed Fishing Boat Fish Catch distance
  4. All very interesting ideas, but note that it is impossible to create a giant squid. The only mobs that can be created in "giant" size are zombies (because of a hidden Giant mob added by Mojang), slimes, and magma cubes.
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  5. True it's impossible to make a giant squid only Zombies, Slime and Magma Cubes can be made big.
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  6. Neutral mobs can be made hostile, demonstrated by the Hounds in the Nether that attack you on sight.
    The squid is a passive mob, though.
    Interesting ideas, although there's more where I'm not sure about the possibility of implementing it.
    The Fishing Boat seems a bit OP with the loot every 50 blocks.
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  7. False. :p

    You can make a giant WitherBoss, a giant Horse... I am not sure what else.
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  8. You could do this but it won't be supported from Mojang it would be made from a programmer and it make extreme lag.
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  9. It can be done in Vanilla MC.
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  10. No not really, If so I am not a expert. Have some pics?
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