[SUGGESTION] An Easier Way To Obtain Heads

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Yay Or Nay?

I agree with both options (both options at once) 3 vote(s) 27.3%
I disagree with both options (neither option) 2 vote(s) 18.2%
I agree with only the first option (30% Head Drop Only) 6 vote(s) 54.5%
I agree with only the second option (Head Shop Only) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Now I have two ideas for this, one of them is really simple and to the point, and the other is a lot more complicated but could be a very good/bad thing (I don't know how the second idea will effect the code or nature of EMC)

    Increase the Head Drop Rate to 30 in the Wastelands/Frontier
    As it is currently, farming your own head can be extremely difficult. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get a few heads, and this is a real problem if you want to sell your head at a shop, even more so if someone buys all of that head.

    The simple solution is to increase the head drop rate from 15 to 30 so that you can obtain your head more often.

    Non-Tangible Player Head Shops
    The idea here is using a command to purchase someones head.
    For example /hbuy <player name>
    Which well then give you a prompt asking "Are you sure you want to buy this item" similarly to when you give someone admin permissions on a res or when you buy an Avalauncher

    You could enable weather or not someone can do this from the PS. It would be turned off by default so you have to enable it to start selling your own head, preventing someone from simple typing
    /hbuy Aikar and getting Aikar's real head.

    Maybe the ability to sell your own head this way could be a supporter perk, making it so you can only enable "head sell true" if you are a supporter

    A feature that could go with this is being able to set the price (heads would have a default price otherwise) with a command like /head price set/del #. I am not sure if this is possible though.
  2. the second 1 i do not like cause what if i only want a few of my heads out there instead of everyone buying them for cheap staff head value would turn to crap X-X
  3. Since my head is pretty much non-existent on the Empire (and I also don't care that much for heads) I'm not voting. However, I would like to share Krysyy's comments from roughly one month ago:
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  4. the 2nd option I would be in the favor of the player to buy his own head from the system.

    Instead of dropping off a cliff 49 times for a *chance* of getting your head, maybe doing a mining trip with friends for your head is more 'time well spend' at my opinion
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  5. Maybe using tokens? That might give this an interesting twist.
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  6. I agree with both. I farm my alts head and I usually only get 6 heads in 30 min. It can get very tiring and i would like the head drop rate to go up.

    Also the second idea is creative, i like it and its a cool idea!

    - Lordess Spartan
  7. go on 10 it is almoost always a drop
  8. I am on 10
  9. I dont want the head prizes to go down as the enchantments did, so -1. Head obtaining takes somewhat effort(by putting in time), so if we make it easy, is just going to ruin the fun of it
  10. The issue here is that for people who sell heads for their shop it can be a real issue if someone runs in with a lot of cash. And like I said, there will be a fixed price with rupees or like Shel suggested, tokens.

    The moderators won't make the price something like 50r.
  11. If people are buying you out, is that you either have too little heads or you selling them too cheap. the easiest solution against that situation is to raise prices. Also, i doubt that any people buy more than 5 heads of the same type, so that would not be a problem... The token thing is that i think, that tokens should not be exchangeable, since they are your EMC survival history... I presonally think that avalaunchers should not be able ot be sold, since is tokens for rupees exchange, which i dont like... but anyway, heads are just more precious than avalaunchers, and there should not be a shortcut to them.

    As for the % raise, 30% is just to common. right now is about 1 in 7deaths in diff1 which is great for me, and in diff 10 you raise much of the percentage, so more risk=more profit. We dont want our economy ruined in another sector...(and i sell heads)
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  12. Apart from what Tuqueque said: this is an issue which doesn't only apply to heads but every other item which is harder to obtain. It's also why some shops do not allow bulk buying.

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. I was under the impression that the drop rate was fixed at 15% no matter what. I guess I should test this out for myself, and I know the perfect victim volunteer to help me out here ;)
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  13. I like the idea of a system for obtaining player heads a little easier. The token idea sounds fair to me (2k tokens for 1 head, or something like that) so those players who sell decorative heads can do so in a way that doesn't involve hours of mind numbing farming. Thus a head drop increase doesn't affect those who pvp for heads and staff heads events and such. And also will encourage more players to go out to earn tokens. So it's not super cheap and easy to get your head, just less time consuming, for those who run this type of business but can't devote hours to farm just 10-15 heads. I find alot more Diamond ore in this time span then I can farm my own head.
  14. Increasing a drop rate purely to benefit the economic benefit of the action is not a good reason to change the rate.

    If we increased drop rate just so players didn't have to spend as much time to collect them, then why wouldn't we do that for every other item too?

    Sorry we will not be adjusting it.
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  15. This seems fairly logical.

    Heads almost always are worth a minimum of like ~50r and can go a lot higher depending on who the player is, so making it really easy to get heads would be like the equivalent of printing money.
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