[Suggestion] Allow use of Cave Mode on Voxel Map.

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  1. I searched the forums looking for a good place to put this. This forum seems like the best fit. Feel free to move it if I just didn't search hard enough.

    I understand the restriction of this, however, I would like to point out instances where it is pretty handy especially in the frontier, and more specifically, in the Nether. I also understand that my suggesting it, while providing useful points as to why it would be nice to allow it, does not infer that the Empire will change their ruling on that particular feature.

    I've used the mod in cave mode on a multiplayer server, and I primarily use cave mode when I'm checking to make sure I'm not about to run into someone else's build. When I'm mining tunnels, or searching for resources, I'm more interested in the black areas of the map. The areas nobody has been yet.

    But there's something important about the cave mode, the view you get isn't exactly detailed as to what you're going to find. You may see an area that a player has dug out, but there's no promise you're going to hit it at your current Y height. But it can make you be more cautious when approaching a player mined tunnel in the nether, or in overworld.

    Cave mode isn't disabled when you log in, and I've seen a few instances where the radar wasn't disabled either. Personally I have no use for the radar, I enjoy figuring out where they are by sound alone. But since Cavemode isn't automagically disabled, players could still be using cave mode, without telling anyone they were doing so. Being that I livestream when I play, you can see I have cave mode disabled.

    I wish to put forth the suggestion that cave mode on be allowed for voxel map. And I welcome a polite discourse on the reasons why, or why not. In the end it is entirely the decision of the powers that be, and I concede that point.

    1. Since voxel map is allowed, everyone has access to the mod, and therefore cave mode if it was allowed, Whether they choose to use the mod/(mode if allowed), is entirely up to them, which therefore does not give any player an advantage over another.

    2. Players could see when they were about to stumble into another's build. Or at least be able to realize that there may be a player built path or area in the direction they are going. (this is also a con, so possibly cancels itself out.

    3. Going to the dark areas to look for resources, places players haven't been yet.

    1. Players could more easily locate player bases for griefing, but let's be honest here. if they're looking to grief, do you think that anyone is going to bother following the rules for no cave mode?

    2. Players could find spawners and caves more easily. I suppose I can actually see where this would be pretty handy, and I would love to use cave mode to locate a suitable place for my frontier outpost. But see item 1 of pros.

    These are the extent of the major points I can think of right now. I would like to hear others thoughts on this suggestion, including the reasons the powers that be have for not allowing this mod feature.

    Please keep the discussion polite. Thanks for reading my suggestion.
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  2. Honestly, I couldn't agree with this suggestion. With all do respect, people are always shoving to get the same job done at a faster or easier pace, only to benefit themselves. I disagree with allowing the use of a cave finder, but why ? I actually like a game with challenges, and what's the point in stockpiling everything to feed greedy players who aren't going to play a little longer to go the extra step.

    The vanilla based game is meant for a challenge. We don't get a map at the beginning of our journey that leads us to diamonds, then onto a portal, and the stronghold. You want to beat the game, you got to earn it! There is no way to convince me that people wouldn't abuse this - they'd do it in the blink of an eye.
    Pardon me but it's a -1 from me. Keep the game fun.
  3. It is a big problem when it comes to being able to see through walls (as that is a rule) and X-Ray. I did not know that it was not allowed until I asked staff in a UHC game. I do see how it could help, but I think that it does more harm than good. You could strip mine for hours and just wait for a cave to pop up on your mini-map and when one does, go find it then continue strip mining until you find another and you do the same thing. Staff could also easily mistake a player for using X-Ray when they are really just using Cave Finder. This suggestion is a -1 for me, sorry :/
  4. Using Voxel map (allowed mod) and with cave mode off (as declared in rules for the mod), upon entering the nether, you can see your immediate area, including caves on the mini map. I've checked my settings, Cave mode is OFF. Using the map the mod gives you, you see the overview of the nether, when you're in the nether. It appears to be normal behavior for the mod, so perhaps the disabling of cavemode just doesn't work in the nether.

    Then in the overworld, with cave mode OFF, you see the top of the map in the minimap window, for example, in a base where I'm near bedrock, I see the ocean over the top of my base, if I open the map, I see more ocean over my base.

    But with cave mode on, you only see your immediate area on the minimap, and not with enough detail to really see if there's anything in the cave. Cave mode isn't like Xray vision. Like the old exploit of sticking a glowstone block on your player head, where you could see through all the solid parts of the map and find caverns, and be able to tell what's in it at a glance. Even with cave mode on, when you open your map, you see the overworld view. Cave mode only works on the minimap, and not really with enough detail to give you an exact position of a cave, whether it's above or below you, just that there's a cave in that vicinity. But what will show up plain as day, is a player dug tunnel, because very rarely do you come across a naturally occurring small straight line path as long as it is well lit with torches or something else. Also very obvious is lakes of lava, because they make light. In areas where there is a marked absence of light, it shows very little, perhaps a faint outline of 'something' over there.

    But also, in the nether, digging tunnels, observing the minimap, there were a few times I could have sworn I was going to intersect with another players tunnel, only to miss it entirely because I wasn't on the same height as that tunnel I see on the minimap. Check out my stream sometime if you'd like to see that in action.

    If you really want to find a cave/cavern, the best thing to do is listen for the mobs making noises, and dig toward them. The cave mode isn't really detailed enough to tell you what's there, or exactly where there is, at least not in my experience. And when tunneling, I think it would be easier to dig toward areas players haven't been yet with cave mode on.
  5. Same here, in the Nether, Voxelmap minimap always shows surroundings at approximately the same level as the player, but not in the overworld.
  6. I don't get why Voxel is basically discriminated against because there area other map mods that still have their cave and mob features working and Voxel doesn't. If you're going to block one, block them all.
  7. I don't think there is a way to block cave finder..
  8. Yes there is. You put a code in the server MOTD that is invisible to normal people but mods can see it and disable features based off of it.
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  9. I'm sorry but this sounds unfair -1