[SUGGESTION] Allow Trapped Chests to have sign shops

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by wolves, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. yes!
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  2. must be done!
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  3. Maybeh... What are T chests?
  4. No items from 1.5 have a chestshop yet. That is coming soon.
  5. you can try [slot #]
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  6. You can but I don't know how effective that will be.
  7. All chest shops work except Quartz Slabs. :)
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  8. I think wolves means as in setting up a shop sign to sell items in a trapped chest. :)
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  9. Yeah, I was a little bit confused by people starting to talk about [slot #]
  10. Oh, I'm talking about mba's reply :p
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  11. Completely off topic...
    The ponies are here.
    I'm excited to update finally. I updated for about 5 minutes last week and decided I hated it. So... Yeah.
    This will be interesting,
  12. Reporting for duty.

    On topic, this would be nice- more compact shops.
  13. Can we get a mod on this? I'd really like to know if possible as I'm setting up my new store.
  14. I need to sell items from a trapped chest.. this doesnt help me.
  15. doh forgot that, will fix in next few days
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  16. thanks aikar ..you're the best
  17. Ah, I see. Since trapped chests can be placed directly next to regular ones, stores can be made more compact if you use both types.
    Go, Aikar, go! And I mean that in the most appreciative way possible :D
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