[Suggestion] Allow /home to function even if you're not on the "home" server

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  1. A simple suggestion but one that will definitely make things easier

    I live on SMP8, but often travel to 1, 2, 3, and 4

    It would be nice to do /home from those and have it automatically switch me to 8 and bring me home

    Just a thought...
  2. +1 but someone is going to say -1 and tell you why this is an abomination. But I choose +1!
  3. Maybe this could be expanded to visiting residences in general? If I type "/v 125" but I am on smp3, instead of getting the message of which smp the residence is on, it instead could have a Player Setting. The player setting by default would be false, but if set to enabled the cross-server residence travel would switch you to the proper smp and then take you to the specified residence. If disabled though, it could say something along the lines of "That residence is on SMP1. Click here to go anyways!"
  4. I like the idea. Though some players have several residences across each smp. For this idea to work they would need to change the command to /home 1, /home 2 and so on.
  5. This is already done. And how it IS done.
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  6. There's a reason we have the message. We were unable to make it work that way, which is the way we want eventually. From what I understand, it's still very much a want. It's just a when...
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  7. This. Make sense, cause it's a very obvious 'need' BUT I wondered if something like technical preventing us from doing it.
  8. The "error" message you receive already tells you which server the residence wished to go to is on, so would it be possible to after that automatically have it go /smp[server of the res] and then /v [res] again?
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  10. I believe this is a good idea +7
  11. I also feel like this was an accepted suggestion, and not implemented fully yet for some reason or another. However, I think Tom's proposed method should work...
  12. + Plus one emerald I LIEK this