[SUGGESTION] Allow forum members to lock their own threads.

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  1. Sometimes, a forum member creates a thread that later on, no longer wants people to reply on them. So in order to get it closed/locked; they have to go all the way over to the profile page of a busy staff member to pm them. But usually, the staff aren't paying attention at the current moment, and the member's request has to wait a few hours. So, to make things easier and a whole lot quicker, why not add a button next to edit, report, delete, etc. That way the member doesn't have to wait for their request because they can do it themselves. Yes, they can delete the thread, but maybe they want the thread to be a simple comment to all of a forum and not a huge discussion. And sure, maybe staff can close the thread themselves if the thread renders useless or inappropriate.
  2. You can just report the thread and put the reason "Lock please." That will alert staff.
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  3. I agree with Potato here, If you want it locked you can just ask an Staff Member. Plus I bet lots of people would abuse of this system.
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  4. But it'll take time for the staff to actually take notice of the report. With a "lock" button, you don't have to wait, you can lock your own thread yourself.
  5. Correct me if I am wrong with this, but with a forum like Xenforo I don't think Aikar can make it so it lets you lock threads, but excludes any auction post. Auction posts would have to be excluded because of the abuse that could come with that (Locking the thread if someone does not want to sell the item anymore or it does not get a high bid like expected by said poster).

    Staff are more than willing to lock your thread for you. They are more active than you think :)
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  6. Exactly. To be honest I never seem a place where Staff Members were so active before. Oh and believe me, I've seem LOTS of places.
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  7. Sorry, but...


    I like the idea in general and I agree that it would be a lot easier on the serious players who have asked threads to get locked before (as mentioned above: just report your own post, ask them to lock it and it'll be fixed in no time). But there are way too much options open for abuse. I'm not even worried about the auctions (I'm sure permissions can be set on a per-board level, so we'd have it on regular forums and not that one) but trolling, maybe even scamming...

    People could make bizarre or weird comments which simply aren't true yet still fool other players. Then immediately lock the thread after which there wouldn't be much that can be done about it, apart from reporting it. But what player would report a post which they deem legit and valid?

    Usually its in our best interest that the staff gets involved with this. Or not involved. In the above example I'm pretty sure that there would be plenty of players who'd respond to warn the OP and the others that what they're saying isn't true...
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  8. How about only in sections that typically would need something like this, i.e Marketplace or Products & Services? Those two sections, in specific, need locked threads pretty often. I can't see anyone abusing the lock system in either of them either, since most threads in those two sections are for the OP benefit so locking it can't really abuse anything.

    And if you want to say that you can just report a thread, that is true, but I've done this probably (quite literally) a hundred times before, and I can say that staff can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 hours to get to your thread. The same goes for a thread title.
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  9. Bump
  10. 0. im kinda in kinda not. as people said before in this thread people will just abuse this button. On the other hand this is a very good idea, I just got into a situation where my computer glitched and created 3 of the same thread(very uncomfortable situation(people might think im a spammer and BAN ME :oops:)). I did tried to search if there was a way to remove the threads I made without using the time of the staff, but to my dismay I found there was no way to do it without staff. So I asked a staff and he/she removed 2 of them and I lived happily ever after(LOL :D). so yeah. my rating is 0
  11. 0 out of? As in you're totally against it?
  12. I meant something in between +1 and -1
  13. Ah, how about if it worked like this?
  14. Hmm... well maybe.