[Suggestion] Allow Event Items to be Auctioned in Any Quatity

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Mman, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Hello EMC.

    Today have I have a suggestion that requires no coding and very little work, but will make a lot people a lot happier.

    I suggest that the EMC staff allow all item listed in the Special Events Items wiki page be allowed to be auctioned. According to my count only 16/53 of the items on that list are currently allowed to be auctioned.
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  2. As a player and a past collector, I definitely give this suggestion my support.

  3. The auction rules are currently up for review and new ones will be released with the new year. Stay tuned.
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  4. Great thanks for the fast response Krysyy!
  5. Not sure this ever happened, am I missing something?
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  6. I'm sure it's on their to-do list and they'll get to it if they haven't already.

    It's only February and staff have to balance outside lives (which complicates things if they key players can't get online to talk things over often). Since we're just two months in, I wouldn't worry too much about this quite yet. :)
  7. +Infinity

    Honestly, I don't even need Dragon Tombs anymore. Just give me this now.
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