(Suggestion) Allow Cave spiders to drop their heads

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  1. Pretty self explanatory. I think Aikar should make it so cave spiders drop their heads when killed. Since they can only spawn from spawners they are exempt from it. However, they have really cool blueish heads which are much better then the regular spider heads. I feel that is a pretty good reason right there. :p

    So any plans to allow us to get cave spider heads or what?
  2. Does the cave spider drop the head in a SP game, and do they even have a texture or a block/item id for just the cave spider heads?

  3. Mojang has a head which is obtainable by a command, but the server makes it so mobs can drop theur heads. It is not for every mob but it is for almost all of them.
  4. Then EMC has it set to not have cave spiders to drop there heads, correct?
    and it can be changed to have them drop there heads?

  5. That is what this thread is suggesting.
  6. How did you... reply so fast?
  7. Olaf magic, don't question it, just nod your head and walk away slowly from the clock
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  8. What I am worried about is the amount of heads that would be produced due to spawner farms. But maybe if somehow they can only spawn in structures such as mine shafts.

  9. To my knowledge [please correct] mobile heads are dropped when the player has dealt the majority of the damage. grinders set up on spawners obviously do the most damage so stop the spawning, have you actually tried killing say 100 cave spiders to see if the head already currently exists? or have you just been using your player made grinder and doing the last hit?
  10. Only mobs that spawn naturally(not from spawners/eggs) have the potential to drop heads.
  11. Well considering even with a farm the way its set up (not exactly sure what the percentage is so don't quote me on it) there is like .1% chance some of these mobs drop their heads. Such as endermen and slimes. So its already considerably difficult to get them. So even if you had a cave spider farm im pretty sure it would take staying at them for hours to get at least one. But I would do that just so I could have one of their heads. I like they way they look compared to other spiders heads. :p

    Correct. So if they were to change it just for cave spiders so they drop their heads as rare as endermen/slimes then im pretty sure even if someone had a triple or quad cave spider farm set up it would take a couple hours at best. And with the way the server limits how many mobs can be in a certain area down to about 200-250 its not like you can just afk there all night and then kill them all in the morning. I already lost a bunch of zombies I was planning on killing a few times since that update cause I didn't get to them fast enough and lost out on all that time I waited. :mad:
  12. Perhaps cave spider heads will be available once the Enraged Spider is introduced.

    They DO plan on adding ALL the mojang heads, just give them a bit.
  13. I guess I could try to add a special case for cave spiders, but it would be an even lower drop rate.
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  14. 1/1000 sounds good to me. Or I think that it should be a 95% damage done, with a rare rate. :D
  15. I don't care if its rare I just want a chance to get them. That would be cool.