[ Suggestion ] AFK Filter

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Do you this is a good idea?

Yes 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Maybe 6 vote(s) 50.0%
No 4 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. I have checked the Chat section in the Already Suggested Items Thread, and I did not see this.
    I have seen multiple players type "afk" into chat and walk away from their computer.
    They probably just forgot to add the "/", or maybe they didn't know there was a command.
    I think that if a player just types "afk", then the server should redirect that message to "/afk" instead.

    This is just something I thought of. It might be a good idea after all, but who knows?
  2. That is a good idea. Maybe if they say 'AFK' or 'afk' only, as it might mistake afk in a sentence as the usage of the command.
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  3. People say AFK to let their friends know that they are not around. Most players will just call someone's name out in town chat without checking /p [player], and then they think they are being ignored. So people say AFK to give people a warning.
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  4. I do the afk in chat so players know i am afk and don't message me then i do /afk
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  5. When i say aft or brb is because ill not be in my keyboard for less than 2 mins, this is for people to know that I'm not reading the chat if they need me

    maybe let AFK not /afk you but just typing afk will
  6. The server should send "afk" into the chat, as well as activate the /afk command. :)
  7. Just curious, what does /afk do?
  8. Well, when I tell someone I'm afk its usually to go use the bathroom. I don't want telling people that I am afk to put me at the top of the list to get booted to make more room. Good idea in theory though I think.
  9. When you /p info* them, it will say they are away. It also displays that they are afk if you try to message them.
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