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  1. Ok, this is an idea from 72volt, he asked me to post it because he didn't have the time. I am very much in support of this idea and I think it's awesome! EMC should implement more ideas like this, make EMC a very special Minecraft server, with something for everyone.

    The suggestion below is not the original suggestion, it has been modified to make sense in the current context.

    With some modification, the group system could work for permanent as well as temporary groups.
    Groups could be created with specialties. For example, an enterprise group would have a board of directors who would nominate a Director General or 'CEO' as the group leader, and both the leadership organ and the board organ would jointly implement executive strategy, make decisions, and discipline employees. The ownership structure would be dominated by members of the board, with ownership quantities (player x gets 10%, y gets 20%) proposed by the CEO using a built in command making an offer, leaving the target of the proposition to accept or decline, creating an effective escrow system to prevent scamming. A rupee account for enterprise funds would be assigned to the enterprise, which would be controlled by the board of directors and the CEO, and used for investments. Wages are deducted from this account, and chest shop monies flow into it?

    Once enough money has been gathered in the enterprise funds, the enterprise would have the option to consume this to upgrade to a company. A company is able to employ more people and float itself, meaning anyone can type a command and buy shares. The market value of each share will be determined by the popularity of the stock. Shares will begin at 10r per share or whatever a company sets it as, and change every 24 hours proportional to the percentage increase in sales of the stock. People may sell the shares back to the company issuing them, or they may exchange shares with someone for rupees to make potentially more money, perhaps through an escrow system. I would personally love an EMC stock exchange. The shares would not represent a fixed amount of the company. If you own three fifths of all the shares, you own three fifths of the company.

    The final stage of the Economic class of Group would be the corporation, available through an upgrade, by consuming a set amount of rupees in the company funds. Employees of this Corporation and directors are able to show off their status with a small tag in chat, set by the organisation, of a length between 1-4 letters. Corporations are able to buy shares themselves using company funds upon the approval of the board, allowing them to acquire other companies which are floating, they can employ infinite numbers of members, and are entitled to claim one residence under company ownership.

    Also available would be the Community class of group, for wild communities and the like which are unbureaucratic, with little leadership and hierarchy, the Organisation class of group, for the EMC Militia and (dare I say it) the Delta Team and other things with ranks, and the State class of group, for sovereign states like the New Republic. :)

    Below is some suggestions from brickstrike for commands etc.

    What are peoples thoughts on this idea?
  2. I'll quote what I said on the other thread to show this to :)
    I called it "companies" so yea :p
    Here it is :)

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  3. lol, I'll put that into the main post.
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  4. Bump! :D
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  5. I can't stand reading these economy threads... but I guess it's good if you like analytically knowledge of the game I guess....
  6. I feel like 72 should start his own server. I would be scared of it... but he should.
  7. That was part of the point I made at the beginning, EMC needs a mix of things, if this kind of thing was added, then things of the complete opposite for the wild get added, if would make EMC a very multi-use/feature server, it would bring more people in, and you could just use whatever features and things you want.
  8. Yep :D
  9. I know but there should be a limit at a certain point. Flower shops don't sell tires. You only have a limited range of people to entice. So it may be nice to add more things for the economically apt, but I think this... is a game and shouldn't be played as a science.
  10. Ehh... I can understand your point but, it would be a lot easier to have it automatically split the rupee income, rather then doing math and stuff. I would really own use this for chest shops, but, I can see why Volt wants the other things to.
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  11. I co-owned a shop once, when I cared about rupees and I used a 3rd party/alt to hold the funds. One person has access and if they don't divy the profit you know something is up.
  12. huh, that's a good idea... I do have 2 alts that I don't really use for rupees.
  13. This would be a nice thing for EMC it would mean we could a real Empire.
  14. Tried it a few times, it's rather difficult, and I'm sort of good with computers :oops:
    If I were doing that, I would need a partner with experience setting up heavy-duty Minecraft servers, it would likely be a NR project, with a banking plugin, a Neore currency with an API to attach it to a central Neore database making the currency usable across all Minecraft servers, a sexed-up version of Towny to facilitate colonies, and it would maybe have a few plugins to ease the enforcement of legislation.
    But enough about my ideas, Kalland Labs is a corporation, corporations don't like competition, so I'll shut my mouth :p
  15. I really like this idea, however I'm not sure that it would be the best thing for Empire Minecraft. You can technically already do most of this though. You buy an alt account which is the name of the company; for example Stads_Co, use that account for shop signs, start a PM on the site with the members, give them a specific flag on the residences of the corporation or company, do all of that mathematical stuff about percentages & there you have it no need for Aikar to get distracted from Dragon Tombs or 1.6.2 :p
  16. This deserves the bump! :D
  17. You guys seem desperate to make rupees of other ppls work :) Also theres no chanse these things would ever be implemented on a "vanilla"-server, so why you spend so much time and effort babling about you pyramid-ideas here is baffling to me.
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  18. The evil head of unrestricted capitalism raises itself like a malignant tumour once again :eek::D
  19. By no means is a corporation 'making rupees from other people's work'. We're obviously going to be paying wages and dividends.
    Also, this is not a 'pyramid' idea.
  20. Why did we get the Survival Update? Why is there town? Why is there an economy in the first place? Ask yourself those questions.