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  1. hi you know that when you are admin in a res and you want to test your parkour but with out your buffs having the buff flag off for everyone else. So i think i found a good way to solve it

    Admin view flag
    Do you have Facebook, well if you do, you may or may not know that there is an option to see your profile as a regular person, well my idea is kind of similar

    It is a flag that takes off all admin abilities for a duration of 5 min(default)
    This would put the admin of the residence with the regular flags the regular player has

    If you try to brake a block or change a flag an "yes or no" inventory(like when confirming /dispose) would pop up saying if you would like to exit admin view mode

    the command would be:

    /res pset <playername> Adminview <time(default 5 min)>

    I think is a pretty neat idea and i would like to see your opinion and if it is codeable

    staff, please change the name to a more appropriate name if you come up with one as i di not come up with a good one
  2. Bump,Do people dont like this idea?
  3. There's no, "no" option? Or maybe? It's too one sided...
  4. It's not a bad idea but not a totally necessary one, either.
    There shouldn't be a time limit. There should just be "/res set adminview true" and "/res set adminview false" for quick changing back and forth (and will only work for the owner of the res). You don't want to be stuck without your perms at an inconvenient time xD

    But the reason this isnt necessary is because
    1) make friends. They can test things for you or
    2) if you have an alt you could do this anyway and
    3) if this is for parkour, you'll need to have a staff test it, anyway >.> (though this is only for the finished product)

    Still, i guess one might want to negate their own rights so as to not accidentally break something or for when they leave their computers and a naughty sibling is nearby =P
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  5. I'm going to answer this one because it affects me personally - one of the best things about making a parkour course is watching people try it. However, having fun yourself by playing it isn't far behind. Those annoying beacon effects get in the way - so much so that I didn't have a beacon for the longest time.
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  6. hmm, true, true.

    EDIT: i've never had a beacon because it would affect me and my neighbours xD
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  7. Not a bad idea
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