[SUGGESTION] Additional Community Manager(s) (DENIED)

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  1. EMC did use to have at least two Community Managers, and that was back when EMC had < 300k members before Maxarias retired. EMC does have more Moderators, Senior Staff, and now Developers to handle the load of 500k+ people, but that plus the fact that Maxarias hasn't been replaced and EMC has grown makes me think: What about CMs?

    You all don't have to do this, and even if you do, I would still prefer to keep Krysyy in her position and let her decide who to upgrade. But I would suggest either Aikar because he's already an admin in a different way, or Eviltoade because he's very friendly, experienced, fair, and already Senior Staff. Or both.

    If you +1 this, you could also suggest people who you think may be good as additional CM(s), but of course it's up to Aikar and Krysyy whether they want to do this.
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  2. I dont know how much is the real need for this, but any of the current SS are good candidates... but +1 the more the merrier:)
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  3. Bump. Still waiting for opinions, especially from staff! :)
  4. Not necessary. Senior Staff fill in the gaps at this time.
    We could not rule out the possibility 'ever' in the future, but the nature of the role makes it ideal for a single person to hold that position. In other words, it would lower efficiency to have more than one person having the final say. As no one agrees 100% with other people.
    Like I mentioned above though, senior staff are essentially mini admins already, so nothing would change by making another purple person.
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  5. To add to chicken's post, Aikar is Lead Dev and an admin. He handles the technical side. The Community Manager doesn't handle technical and focuses on the rest, whether that is arranging with the community teams, overseeing staff, organizing events, etc. As chicken said, my primary job that SS doesn't do is simply being the person to have the final say, or sometimes the final responsibility. The more SS we have, it's actually better for the Community Manager because SS tasks no longer crowd my plate. I used to have to do SS services daily, now the amazing team of SS handles it before I even see it. That's the importance of delegation in any tiered system. We are not saying never, but it's not something we are looking at right now.
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  6. You should apply for the position
  7. You say there should be more community managers but don't explain why. Is there a problem with the way the server is currently managed? Simply that it used to be a different way is not a reason to change it back to that way.
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  8. I can't. Only Senior Staff can do that (as far as I know), and I've never even applied for any form of staffhood due to my builds at the MPO.

    Not really. Plus I did say Krysyy needs to keep her position.
  9. WHAT?!?!?!?! Krysyy is the president??!??!?! She gets to Veto and accept new ideas and rules? That sounds like a president. Does that mean that the SS are the Congress and they can overrule a veto?:eek:

    That is actually not a bad thing!
  10. I would not describe it in this way. Speaking just of the community decisions - not development decisions, there are several different ways they come about;
    • Certain administrative decisions are discussed only between Krysyy and Aikar.
    • Some decisions (generally non-controversial) are sometimes just made by Krysyy herself. No reason to make everything jump through a hoop.
    • Sometimes we will have a discussion among only the senior staff, for us together to come up with a solution.
    • Similarly, the entire staff team may be part of discussions both formally and informally.
    • Occasionally the communities input is obtained through a thread discussion or yearly survey.
    Regardless of the route to a decision, the final directive comes from Krysyy's role for consistency. All levels of the chain share a responsibility to hold her accountable. Naturally, people further up the totem pole, carry more weight as an individual.
    There is no current need to formalize this subject any further at this time.
  11. Good point, chicken. That's generally how I think of it too. And with development decisions, I'm pretty sure Aikar has final say, but the other developers are usually involved in decision-making too.

    Also, may I please request that this thread be locked, as the suggestion has been officially denied and there's no more need to discuss anything here.

    EDIT: Preferably archived too, please.
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