[Suggestion] Adding non staff to the development team.

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  1. Hello EMC,
    I would just like to say that we need more developers than just Aikar and chickeneer, I believe that there are players out there that know coding very well and probably do it for a living and I believe that they don't have to test their luck with applying for staff just to be a developer. I think an official developer team should be added to EMC to better help the development of EMC.

    Thank You,
  2. There already is a developer rank and people besides Aikar and Chickeneer are helping to develop.
  3. Yes but however, they are suggesting ideas not creating them as in typing up the coding used for it to run.
  4. Pretty sure there was a developer besides Aikar, it had a dark blue rank
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  5. Yes, and he was staff but there are no more blue ranked developers as he retired. I know him as he is a friend of mine.
  6. Bruh

    You realize they're working their arse here. Why don't you learn how to code and develop a server as huge as this.
    The job ain't as easy as 1+2 =3
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  7. Yes I know and that is why I am suggesting that we add more developers to help EMC. If there are more people you can figure something out faster and that has been scientifically proven.
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  8. All he is saying, is that we need more devs. It is not an easy job, but we do need more devs... Aikar has a full day job and as hard as he works, we need more.
  9. Exactly!
    Thank you AmusedStew.
  10. I have just started learning how to code and I wanted to become developer and help out but, since I am a non staff member I can't join the team.
  11. Ohh... dumb me

    I thought you were criticizing them. Yeah, I guess it's a good suggestion

    Though.. I'm pretty sure that the developer rank weighs in a whole lot more than any mod rank. Developers could do a HUGE damage to EMC if they go corrupt

    Crazy thought:
    I'm pretty sure aikar had said something about new developers and it was a no because reasons. *could be wrong but it was few years back
  12. It's okay I understand.
  13. Anyways I'm no real answer for you, hopefully aikar or another staff member more qualified to answer will get here and post :)

    Maybe you get chosen, good luck man :)
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  14. So can we or can we not add regular players to the development team? Since this could be helpful in many ways.
  15. As far as I know, other than Chicken and Aikar, the developer rank was completely eliminated. As you might've seen before, just_five_fun had his rank changed from developer-blue to slimy-green (then, of course, was demoted). I've heard people saying that the actual blue developer rank was completely removed, but it's beyond me to know this information. As for more developers, I'll remain neutral there as I have 0 insight as to what goes on behind the closed doors of the Empire development sector. =P
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  16. I know as just_five_fun is a good friend of mine and it just made me mad to find out that they demoted him to a moderator then kicked him out of the staff.
  17. So Aikar and krysyyjane9191, what do you guys think of this?
  18. Please bump 3 hours after the last post.
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  19. Sorry really desperate to get feedback from staff.