[Suggestion] Add Netherhounds to Tutorial

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  1. Basically, Add Netherhounds into the Tutorial and give an explanation of them, just like the Marlix, Enraged Mobs, and Momentus. Lets Just Say When I joined back in March, I had quite the Surprise when I found My First Hounds.
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  2. It's tricky with netherhounds because they enrage at the player on sight (regardless of level) and could spawn friends outside their cage which could attack. Damage is off in the tutorial but it would be a major annoyance.
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  3. Then Maybe Add a Glass Windowed Pit in the floor, as Ive stood a Good 10-16 Blocks above em with them just going about their Business and not killing me
  4. I remember seeing a netherhound for the first time and freaking out, this is a great idea.
  5. agreed,i thought it was a lost dog when i first saw one and went to egg it,but it ate me.
  6. The Marlix/Momentus also spawn minions, those specific mobs must've been dumbed down some.
  7. Auto attacks start at level seven. Below that they'll leave you alone unless you hit them first. I've never been in tutorial with the level so high so it's possible they are dumbed down. I'll take a look when I get back from an event this evening.
  8. I love this idea but I think it's funny to have people freak out at them. I love how the server "trolls" people with them. I think the server should add them to the tutorial, for sure, but if they don't I still get some comedic value out of people seeing them for the first time. xD
  9. Great idea. Caught me off guard when I first came across one. +1
  10. Well, I can see both and and good in this.
    Bad: Its really hard to add just one thing to the tutorial so they'd have to redesign the whole thing and we don't want that pressure on our amazing staff.
    Good: I notice a lot of players asking me "Where is the nether" and I tell them "/nether", once they return they usually get mad at me saying " Why where there dogs in the nether! They killed me" and etc.
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