[Suggestion] Add an option to clear the entire ignore list

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  1. Hi gang!

    When you put players in your ignore list then that's relatively easy. /ignore playe<tab> and it'll expand to playername and you're done. I used this as a precaution this afternoon because I "wasn't very happy" after dying in the nether, even though I had carefully prepared myself with a fire resist potion. So when I felt that a certain player was becoming annoying (and I knew it was me, not him) I resorted to /ignore (eventually I turned off the whole chat, but that's a different story).

    So now I wanted to clear my ignore list but ignoring people was easier than un-ignoring them! :)

    As such my suggestion, allow us to do: /unignore *, or maybe /ignore clear which would then empty (or reset) your entire ignore list.

    For the record: I got my frustration out of my system. Nothing like blaming it on the Nether inhabitants and blowing them up with a bit of TNT :D
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  2. We have this for flags right? Might as well have this for ignore list.
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  3. Yes, I agree.
  4. +1, even though I have never ignored anyone, yet. ;)
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  5. Looks like this was "partially added" in September 2012? I don't know what that means. :p

    EDIT: Or maybe it was suggested in September 2012, and "partially added" in July 2015. Something like that.
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  6. Well, if it was partially added, the rest of it should be added too, as this seems like a nice, quick way!
    I've never ignored people, but I can see it sometimes being good to ignore a group of people. It'd be nice if later, you could just clear out the entire list at once, instead of having to go through each person in it. After all, if the frustration's over, you don't really need to know who you were ignoring in the first place.
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