[Suggestion] add a /roll command

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  1. Occasionally I will call upon friends to achieve a particular goal, and sometimes this goal has a reward that cant be split between 2 people. So what is a fair way to determine who gets the loot? I suggest adding a /roll command that will generate a random number between 1-100, both parties would type the command and whoever had the highest roll would win the loot...much like how it is done in rpgmmo games.
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  2. I think this already exists. I think you create a group and invite some players to it. Then, theres an option that lets you share tokens and the drops. I'm not so sure about this..*waits until someone proves that I'm wrong..:p* If this didn't existed, I don't think this would be necessary, why can't one person get (for example:tokens) and the other gets the drops?
  3. Not necessarily a bad idea. :) Though I think it's better if you just agree to share / alternate loot / or otherwise come to an understanding.

    Don't see the harm in having a random number command though.
  4. I believe you are correct with this.
    I think it is either /expshare or /xpshare for splitting levels,
    And /lootshare to split the loot equally amongst the members of the group.

    Someone correct me on that if my commands are wrong.
  5. Could be used also for quick giveaways on residences

    Otherwise +1 for the idea
  6. This is correct but not the same thing at all....
    Example 1: Lets say my goal was to kill momentous at difficulty 10 and a toothpick dropped...at that point who cares about the tokens, everyone wants the sword.
    Example 2: I fought a super turkey with Sgt_pepper4 the other day and what if a slicer had dropped? We had both asked each other how we'd determine who got the loot.
    Example 3: I egged a couple enraged guardians in a group of 3...one egg went to the one who spawned Momentus but what of the other....mine or the other guys?
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  7. you can use random.org, which uses weather patterns to get a truly random number. Any computer based system isn't random.
  8. Why don't you use random.org or your Texas Instruments if you have one?
  9. Yes and no. If you are in a group then there is an option to share all the earned tokens which you get, and it's also an option to get tokens for group activities. So, lets say you're all out mining then over time you could earn 5 tokens each for mining together.

    But it's not an option which simply allows you to share any tokens you have or mob drops. Drops will still go to the player who picks 'm up.
  10. Random.org is the only true random, but its APIs cost money so I don't think it'd get directly implemented that way.

    However, I don't see anything wrong with a pseudo random generator. There's literally no downside. Use it if you want, or don't.
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