[Suggestion] Actually close the time capsule

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  1. Hi gang,

    First of all: on the grand scale of suggestions this one should probably sit somewhere at the bottom because it's a minor issue. But even so...

    Somewhere on SMP2 there is this huge Empire time capsule; a place where players can place their items once a year after which it'll be locked and inaccessible for a whole year to come. Before my unfortunate temporary Internet departure the capsule was still open. So obviously, curious as I am, I checked out the new scenery.

    Well, uhm...

    Technically this is locked I suppose, but I think it would be more elegant if you guys would also actually block it somehow. Just my 2 cents of course but in my opinion its more realistic than merely seeing the area while being greeted with an error message.
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  2. +1

    Aren't time capsules suppose to be buried w/o entrances once closed?
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  3. And a small bump. I won't go overboard because, yah, I still dislike bumps ;)
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