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  1. Currently, when you do /f list (or any other command to open up your friend's list), it shows up like this:
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    Yes, you all have the exact same friends as me in this exact order. You are me now. HIVE MIND ON THREE. ONE, TWO, THREE, HIVE MIND.

    However, I want to know where each of these friends are, and I'm too lazy to /p all 18 of them. So I'm suggesting a status next to their name. For instance, my friend list would look like this:

    xHaro_Der is offline.
    Qwerty189 is offline.
    Jepey is offline.
    Brooke1965 is on smp5.
    ChrisFlareon is on smp8.
    SirHashhog is on smp7.
    NathanRP is offline.

    *Insert whatever closing text would get the idea implemented here*

  2. +9001

    I would love to see if my friends are online so I can annoy them \o/
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  3. +1

    Or maybe even a color indicator - green for online, grey for offline (...do we really need to know their supporter status in the f list?).
  4. +1

    Even a colored * * next to their name would be great. If this was implemented, I would hope he went with your idea.
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  5. +1
    This sounds like a good idea that a lot of people can enjoy.
  6. Not a bad idea, but one thing: you are aware of the /f online command? That lists all your friends who are online.
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  7. ... I love your knowledge.
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  8. You sure this is the right thread?
  9. -snip-
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  10. How do you have the join message in the middle of the screen and not in the chat bat? (I forgot the location's term) +1
  11. It's one of the player settings. /ps -> chat -> Status message location -> action
  12. as said, /f online
    i see it wasnt added to /f help, adding now.
  13. Hey it's me! +1 though I would love not having to go through 30 some friends by /p to see if they are online or if they wanted something and they are/aren't online
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