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  1. Hello fellow EMC'ers I was thinking on something that could be useful. This is my suggestion, instead of having to put acces signs on your chests with a sign why not with a command?

    What if you want a TONS of people able to open a certain chest on your res but there are no more places left for signs so u cant let other people open them without container flag. I have seen this before on other severs, which brought the idea up. So what you would do is /cmodify [player name] then right click the chest you want them to be able to open, and ta da that person can open that chest!

    Also this can apply to chests in the waste/wild. No one can open the chest even if its locked, it auto locks its self to that player when placed. Then if u want another player to open it just use that command. Which would prevent a lot of griefing!

    Yet again this is just a suggestion so you dont have to like it :3
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  2. I like your thinking but something like this already exists on the Empire.

    Then you can use permission groups (official name being residence groups).

    Groups allow you to do just that: group players together and give them all access to certain flags or chests. Instead of mentioning the players on the access signs you'd mention the group.

    There are limits put in place: standard players can use 2 groups with up to 5 players per group in it, whereas supporters have more space. So a free player won't be able to set up tons, but you'd still get the option to give access to 5 players at once (per group anyway).

    Edit: of course this doesn't apply to the wild, I don't really have an opinion on that part ;)
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