[Suggestion] Access Mail in Protected Spawns

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Access Mail in Protected Spawns?

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  1. Mail should be able to be sent and received in the Wastelands and Frontier Spawns. This cuts out the extra step of having to /town and then /waste again.

    Shortest suggestion ever?
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  2. I love it 110%. Welcome to EMC btw :)
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  3. +10000
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  4. The way the code works, it's looking at world I believe. Changing this might lead to issues for future things with Empires and Established Outposts.

    EDIT: Incorrect. Things work easier than expected =)
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  5. How does vault in protected outposts work? It'd use the same system, I'd imagine.
  6. That's run by a res flag. Mail is a res flag as well, but I think the world overrules that.

    EDIT: Incorrect. Things work easier than expected =)
  7. um, according to the code this is already doable...?
    well for receiving, but not sending. fixing for tonight update.
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  8. Thanks. I tested sending mail but didn't have any to open, so I assumed that didn't work either. :)
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  9. Glad to hear little things like this are fixed so quickly! :)
  10. I guess that's why Krysyy isn't lead developer :p
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  11. It should be noted for future reference. Mail and vault flag only block their usage. Not allow currently. (unless an update change changes this).
  12. It's 2 commands. -1
  13. It's already added, lol.

    Requesting thread locked for that reason. Thanks, Aikar. :)
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  14. :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rly? Sorry for voicing my opinion.
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