[Suggestion] Ability to Turn ON and OFF Server Broadcasts!

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Should we add this?

Yes 16 vote(s) 84.2%
No 3 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. Hey EMC,

    This Suggestion is the Ability to Turn ON and OFF the messages that appear like the one about you not voting, and recent news and all.

    Just as simple as that.
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  2. +1 Because I like.
  3. -1, What if someone says important news in a broadcast and someone loses their res or something? What if they get banned for something they didn't see?

    [Edit] I meant, what if a new rule is announced in broadcast or something, and they are not aware of it, because it's turned off?
  4. I'm pretty sure ban announcements to players are private, but I may be wrong.
  5. All this would disable is the New's like the Month News, and the Not Voting. Stuff like that.....
  6. but finch.. you haven't voted.

    reminder to self, come back in a few minutes and tell finch they haven't voted again
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  7. I remember something like this suggested in the past but don't think it got anywhere, I personally don't mind the broadcasts and this wouldn't really affect me, they're not that bad :p
  8. +1 - The server sometimes gets a little hectic and adding to it is all these broadcasts. Yet they do not bother me, but some players can't stand it. Hopefully this will make members happy :)
  9. yes i have hehe

    But i get that message even after 13 hours of voting, yet i cant vote for 13 hours after voting
  10. You can vote every 12 hours - here (topg.org).
  11. your vote streak can only go up every 16hrs.

    +1 to the finch idea
  12. The voting one needs tweaks to fix the issue with it broadcasting to those that have already voted. That's something I can agree on and I'm sure it's on a to-do list somewhere.

    The other broadcasts are there for a reason and will remain. Important news/events are sent out and it is monitored to make sure it is not spammed by staff.
  13. It already does... Unless theres some issue with your last vote time not being updated until you relogin.

    But confirming that we would not add a setting for this.

    However, I would like to extend the system to make it more personal for when you login. Currently the rate for important messages is set to be fast to ensure everyone sees it.

    If we tweak the broadcasts to instead support the idea of "show them iteratively on login", that gives us the capability of setting them to like 24hr+ intervals so you only see it once per day.

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  14. I have a much better idea. Why not give each broadcast it's own 'channel', and let player turn things off per broadcast by disabling it once they read it?

    For example, right now there's this very annoying 'Coding With Aikar' thing that I'm not interested in. (No offense.) But I've seen it, I've heard about it, and I really don't want to see it again a dozen more times. It doesn't really matter how often it's broadcast, it's still annoying because I'm not interested. So a simple 'Dismiss' link beside it. I assume this is possible, since you can click on usernames to message those users, and I believe the whole chat system is all through a mod. The link would disable the 'Coding With Aikar' message. I would still see other broadcasts, such as a wasteland reset or new rule that happened.

    By storing a 32-bit integer for each player, this would allow for 32 channels, which is plenty of space considering that you can reuse them anytime a new event, rule, update, etc... comes out.

    This way, players can only disable broadcasts individually after they have seen them. I believe this is a fair compromise which allows players the ability to get rid of broadcasts they're not interested in, while still ensuring they don't miss anything important.
  15. Isn't there already a Broadcast channel? I think I've seen it used once.
  16. No. You have seen Simon and I add a B in front of some of our broadcasts.
  17. This
  18. I honestly have no preference. I can't make it to any of the events because I live halfway around the world from America, and also I vote, so the only thing that shows up occasionally is [vote contest] or [we want your decision to count!!] but +1, because I say for those who's moms is blown and they JUST DONT WANT TO VOTE, (all caps on purpose) then they can turn the broadcasts off.
  19. Well, I vote but I get that you have not voted message 12 hours after. I also get about 8 different broadcasts every hour. even with chat off.
  20. Unless during an event, that's impossible.

    Current running broadcasts:
    Voting reminder: every 6 hours
    Opinion poll: every 45 mins (because urgent for all to see and will be gone soon, if not today)
    Voting Competition: every 2 hours