[Suggestion] Ability to keep blocks protected after broken by another!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Have you ever had that Hidden Tunnel where you and several others know, but want to hide, so you place blocks and they break it to get through?

    The way this would work, Is if you have a block renamed by you, and you place it, It then becomes protected, When someone else comes to break that block (Who has Access) and then replaces the block, it would be protected under the person who first placed it and not the person who replaces it.

    This would help as If you have the walls, and say you give access to a friend, and want it to be protected, then it is, but all the players who had access before now dont as its a new player...

    Any Suggestions?

    Feel free to comment....

  2. i do like the idea
  3. mhm, I don't know, you can also try something with hidden button redstone sircuits, since that's what I do :)
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  4. I like the idea but, we can do passcode doors now :) yeah we have to build basically a 3d tunnel to keep it from getting broke into but... if you don't have the passcode, you cant get in :) ... until your friend gets frustrated and breaks the door of course...

    All annoying door ideas aside, +1