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  1. I have heard of more and more greifing happening around emc. I have a suggestion. Is it possible to make a live map that players can not hide on that only staff have access to, and then even perhaps record that. Then I player can say "I was greifed here from this time to this time" and staff can see how many people had been there in the time frame. I dont know if this is possible, just suggesting it and seeing where it goes.

    Just another EMC Player,
  2. Even if the player was there. That is not enough proof to say they griefed. So it's not really a solution. We can see where players go anyway.
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  3. This would mean people could scam, but maybe if there was a way that we could see what they were breaking, that's unbreakable evidence.
  4. Is this possible? Yes. Practical? Not really. If the staff members suspect that griefing is occurring, they can simply teleport to the player vanished and witness the unfolding events firsthand. Besides, as NZScruffy said, seeing where a player is provides no concrete evidence that the player is griefing. In addition, (don't quote me on this), Dynmap doesn't update worlds in realtime, meaning that if a player were to place a block, several seconds would pass before the map updated to show the placed block. This would very disastrous if somebody were to hypothetically blow up the town spawn (assuming they even had permissions); offline staff wouldn't be notified until after the event occurred. /endsmallrant
  5. We have grief detection systems in place. Are they perfect? No, not at all, but they do catch many many griefers.

    Staff have ways of knowing where you are, what you were doing, and how you did it. Provided griefing is reported, we can generally catch most griefers.

    That said, our detection systems are always expanding and getting more advanced... so suggestions to improve them are helpful.

    With that said, this isn't too practical. The live map has a delay, and doesn't provide us with concrete evidence to handle griefing reports. If someone griefs, we need our tools to say they did, and a report telling us that a griefing occured. :)
  6. the biggest problem with alot of griefings is not knowing when it occurred. if you tell staff hey i was griefed could of happened anywhere within the past 3 months. its alot of logs to go through and search for. moral of the story is keep track of your creations yall!
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  7. Can't the staff already do this?
  8. The staff has lots of tools and sometimes they don't solve every grief event, but repeat griefers are frequently caught because staff cares enough to follow up and track them down. A lot goes on around here to keep order that is not public information, and it will stay that way.

    If staff said, "we use these specific tools and log these specific actions" then griefers would know exactly how to avoid getting caught. Currently, griefers get caught!! Strings of repeat grief are almost always solved with the tools in current use and due to the incredible dedication of staff. (I am new staff, but I see how hard they work)

    You might not hear much about people getting caught, but that is usually because they are banned promptly and they don't appeal because they deserve it. They move on to some server where there is no one to stop them.

    Check out the graveyard (which server is that?) and you will see a long list of names who have tried their luck and lost.
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  9. greifbans.png
    That's only the last 3 days of grief ban logs. Other days have pretty similar amounts of bans.

    Griefers are banned... a lot of them.
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  10. 1, 2, 3, 4....21 banned griefers!
    7 per day. EMC has been around for around 915 days, so somewhere in the region of 6,405 people have been banned for griefing.
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  11. What's that colory mosaicy stuff?
  12. Blured out names. :)
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  13. He is protecting the identity of the naughty people.

    19 of 21 of the players in your list were banned for griefing. Can you say more specifically what they were banned for without breaking the moderator's code of silence? Did they break blocks in order to steal them or generally just destroy things? Was it things like panes of glass, or more complex things like farms?

    I thought stealing would be more common. Maybe it is not because it is harder to catch, or is griefing used to describe stealing also?
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  14. Generally in ban reasons, griefing (or griefing/stealing) seems to just be put, even if more than that occurred. I did filter the log though, so it's possible that there were other stealing bans that just didn't appear due to how it was filtered. Stealing isn't really that common though - probably due to locked chests, etc.

    All I can really say is that generally a player report was received for many griefs, and that Square's tools were able to identify the griefer. The specifics of each case are visible to staff, but aren't able to be shared. :)
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  15. Thanks. I guess what I am wondering is the motivation that generally seems to be behind it. Greed, curiosity, or vandalism. Looking back on my experience I think that greed or curiosity gets them to visit and the vandalism happens secondary, if at all. In the two years I've been here, I've had two spawners destroyed and lava dumped once, but a lot of things have disappeared. As far as I can tell, most of the damage other than that was caused by people just exploring and having Creepers explode or were from holes people made trying to get access.

    I've also had more problems with non-farm structures mainly, I think, because the farms aren't usually visible on the surface and I'm more careful about lighting and mob access. Given the economy here, making one visible pretty much guarantees that people will come and bring collateral damage with them so they don't often get hurt by people looking for goodies.
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  16. Yes. I want to know what goes through their mind when they do such things. I do often just not understand why things like this happen .
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