( Suggestion ) A Soulbound Clock

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A soulbound Clock

Yes 18 vote(s) 81.8%
No 3 vote(s) 13.6%
Just craft a regular one. 6 vote(s) 27.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Whenever i pop over to another smp i'm not sure how much daylight is left. So i constantly do /map and click the link wasting a few minutes of daylight.

    What if we had a soulbound clock that we could purchase from the /shop

    That way it's not a rare item, it's not a promo. Just a nifty gadget that lets you know how much daylight or moonlight is left.
  2. +1

    We already have a soulbound compass (Empire Assistant, see the /assist new command) so this would definitely fit in. I always keep both a clock and an Empire assistant with me, it makes mining (and navigating) a lot easier.
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  3. Oooo thats +1 for me, Good Idea Tower!
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  4. Do any staff members have an opinion on this newly suggested item.
  5. you can use the /assist new clock, is soulbound, and it works as a regular clock(aka this already exist) this gives compass not clock... xd
  6. Just tried your suggestion of (/assist new clock) and all it gave me was a soulbound compass. Not exactly the same as a soulbound clock that lets you know when the sun come up. Unless you were saying that it gives you a link to a live map which would show you.
  7. oh lol totally confused that, so +1 xd lo
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  8. -1, soz. not b/c its a bad suggestion but b/c we already got this!

    the dirt destroying ticking tock, dropped by momentus sometimes

    not sure but i think u can also buy it from senior staff...
  9. So you are correct in the fact that this item does in fact already exist. Yet one thing you've failed to realize is no-one is going to purchase a 60k DDTT just so they can have a soulbound clock.

    I only want the soulbound clock part not the dirt destroying part. It should be standard like the assistance compass.
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  10. Well after several months of not hearing much on this suggestion. I've been given 2x DDTT's in the past week by my good pvp buddy Mo.

    Thanks AyanamiKun for the original idea of just using the DDTT

    So I've decided that since I have so many of these items that I'm no longer seeking a soulbound clock anymore.

    Though I still believe that this is a good Idea for those that can't afford a DDTT or haven't been bestowed by Momentus with one.
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  11. I'm staff! I like it!! This is in no way an OP soulbound item and should be added for sure. +14
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  12. AKA me.
    I was going to say +1 but, well, yeah. Solution found.
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  13. ive killed like 9 momos on diff 10 and didint get nitin but that dum hlemet or peoce of wood.

    (Jk) but i still want tha taoq!
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  14. Wot
  15. Why not have it open through the "/promo" in the same way they have "/promo newplayer" But have a twist where you can claim once per server, that way once you claim all then you have to buy from a player...

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  16. edit- deleted my original post bc the picture was the size of jupiter

    I like the idea, simply as a gadget and a functional device alike +1
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  17. +1

    Nothing to add really. I like it :)
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  18. how much does a DDTT cost? if i can afford it. can i buy 1 from you?
  19. well I sell them for 50k on smp2 /3292