(SUGGESTION) A Creative server

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  1. As we all know, all EMC servers are survival, but why not have ONE creative one? The server would just be like the normal towns, where everyone could claim a 60 by 60 lot, but this server would have no wild or nether. It could be used for planning builds, or just building everything you want to.
  2. Just like EMC says no PVP, they said no creative either
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  3. I said its own server, just like the PVP server will be.
  4. Who knows, it might be in the giant to-do list somewhere. It wouldn't be that hard, right?
  5. I like the turret in your sig, but back on topic, im not quite sure about this because you could just plan them on a creative single player world...
  6. This would be to show off builds that are awesome. Not planning stuff.
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  7. Right now it's not on any of our active to-do lists and not saying we will ever do it, but it's not OUT of the question at some point.

    Though it would have tons of rules of course like NO links to any other server, no vault, etc. etc.
  8. wait there's going to be a PVP server?
  9. Well, yeah, no vault, but I don't see any harm in having one.
  10. There is single player to test out building plans, also if we have a creative server players can use massive sizes of TNT and cause lots of lagg.

    It'll take away the fun of survival and getting items yourself.
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  11. This sounds nice for people who just want to build and build and build!
  12. TNT is Diamond Supporters only anyway, constraints can be put on the amount of TNT they're allowed to detonate per day, which can be enforced through a combination of moderation and programmed restrictions.
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  13. Not to mention people who would like to model creations before making them in SMP, like me :)
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  14. 1. Tnt Ban
    2. We can show each other out builds
    3. Take the fun away? If you dont want to build something in creative then build it on EMC.
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  15. If we get the arena server back up... it will be creative.
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  16. Exactly. Plus, due to EMC having edits done to it to improve performance, it would be nice to not have to take a wild guess on if a machine will work:p
  17. If there's a vault, you could give yourself stacks of diamonds, or say beacons or command blocks or creeper spawn eggs, in creative mode and then vault it over to your home server. That would destroy the economy, far worse than a certain someone could.
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  18. A lava wall looks the same no matter where you are Volt!
    lol jk
    But just imagine how many walls we would see if you were blessed with the power of flight and infinite lava lol
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  19. Sorry, I phrased that badly. I meant not seeing any bad in having a Creative server.
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  20. I would think it'd be common sense that there would not be vault. I think we should have one. Maybe its just for suppoters, just like the arena server.