[SUGGESTION] 3 Year Promo

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  1. I'm thinking of a firework that makes horse death noises and lots of text. Reply your ideas below! This if for EMCs three year B-Day!
  2. I think something like a Helmet that glows wherever you walk, kind of like one of those forehead-band flashlights.
  3. Nice how about glow armor, fire prot, but also auto places torches in your inv (Every 16 meters)
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  4. Yeah.. glow in the dark armor? :D
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  5. Since EMC would be turning 3 years old and 3 year olds poop a lot, I think we need some more Not Special Dirt xD
  6. ...
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    • Not Special Stone
    • Not Special Grass
    • Not Special Cobblestone
    • Not Special Sand
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  7. What aout 3 years means not special? Are you saying that toddlers aren't special?
    I would really enjoy glow-in-the-dark armor though!
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  8. How about some kind of special signed book?
    It could be signed by the EmpireMinecraft account, with a specially coloured name and it would have contents along the lines of something like this:
    1. Aikar speech about what it is like to own the server and how the server has changed over 3 years
    2. Note from all the Community Managers about how great the time has been
    3. A special fact from all the mods and developers about themselves or EMC

    I think something like that would be cool because it would be nice to know what the staff think and it is something we could all keep :) Just an idea :p
  9. Definitely Goof Ideas :D
    EDIT : *good
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  10. Oh really? Please, explain.
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  12. EDIT : *good
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  13. Maybe the promo could be something like this:
    EMC Birthday Cake.png
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  15. Just thought of a promo for 3 years being here its a game changer.

    A high-five in the air & a good pat on the back for being a member on Emc for so long and enjoying Emc :D

    I know its a odd promo idea but it's worth it in the end.
  16. I support these ideas. I am racking my brain as how to make glow-in-the-dark armour work...

    Definitely worth it!
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  17. squids

    I don't think the community needs a promo for Everything. If we had one for Everything, Aikar would use all his time coding those, and Dragon Tombs would take a lot longer to come out.
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  18. Yeah... :p
    Not long... just enchanted armor lol