[SUGGESTION] 2 /r pay ideas

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  1. Just two random ideas for /r pay that popped into my head that sounded decent.
    1. Allow us to use "k" for thousands. For example, /r pay IcecreamCow 10k would be the same as /r pay IcecreamCow 10000. Seems much more convenient to me, and a bit more natural. Also, /r pay IcecreamCow 7.5k would be 7500r, and so on.
    2. Let us give reasons for paying that appear in the "You received ____r off _______" message. Eg: /r pay IcecreamCow 100 I like milk would pay IcecreamCow 100r, and he'd see the message "You received 100r off JackBiggin for I like milk". In his rupee logs, he'd see "Payment from JackBiggin. Reason: I like milk.". I think that this would be great since you'd be able to tell the person why you are paying them, and tracking donations (or similar) from when you are offline would be much easier to do.
    So yeah... there's the ideas. Constructive criticism is good, pictures of bears and Spongebob isn't, so please refrain from posting them. I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on this.
  2. Yeah Budie.jpg
    I like it. :)
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  3. Can we do a How About Yes Bear
    And a everyone cares spongebob
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  4. An Everyone Cares Spongebob?!!! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!!
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  5. XD
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  7. Great Scott.jpg
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  8. This sounds like a great idea.
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  9. I support it!
  10. Great idea!
    Maybe: /k pay IcecreamCow 1 is the Same as /r pay IcecreamCow 1000?
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  11. Yes, yes, and more yes...
  12. I think that the mods need to put somthing in where we can set up a payment plan.
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  13. The reason idea is awesome, because sometimes I pay and I don't remember why I paid, so that would help me to remember that.
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  14. yes! The best :D
  15. bear.jpg
    sorry couldn't help it :p
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  17. Yes x Infinity
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