[Suggestion] 1.9 Voter Tools! (faster cooldown)

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  1. As 1.9 is coming, I believe this is appropriate

    My suggestion is to have new voter sword/axe(wooden or gold(with reduced damage) that are pooled at the 1.8 speed( instant, or more speedy than the regular one) but deal low damage(maybe 1 hearts, instead of the regular 2 hearts), this would help with the vanilla mob farm I think

    this might be negated by aikar(or community for other reasons) as he is against farms, but why don't give it a try ;)

    Also, tell us where do you think we should get it, if added (vote streak number

    Instead of new tools maybe make all voter tools a little faster?
    And other things that you might want to suggest, post 'em here!

    Summary: Make current voter tools have a faster draw speed than regular tools
  2. Assuming your vanilla mob farm brings the mob's health down to 1 - 1/2 hearts, one hit is all you really need. Two at max.

    The sword swing deals around 1 heart of damage to nearby mobs if your sword is fully charged.

    TBH, I'd really only like to have a battle axe.
  3. Hm... I like the idea.
  4. I like it
  5. Great idea.
  6. and put looting 3 on hoes and axes, since they can be used as weapons too.
  7. But it need to come available for existing users too.
    And every click , espeially with farms is one click to much. It have some impact in the hand all the clicking.
  8. I don't see the point (at least as mob farms are concerned). In 1.9 you can still spam click with a sword, it'll just do less damage (which doesn't make any difference on a mob farm), and a full blow with a sword will hit multiple mobs, making it even faster to kill mobs in a farm than it is now. Why would you need to be faster than that?
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  9. i just added that as an example... doesn't have to limit itself to what I say! basically, what saying, that due to the time that you spent voting, you should get less time killing mobs... or stuff like that. Im a bad writer, but i think you get the idea
  10. Yeah I do, it's a good idea, I just like to play devil's advocate every now and then :p

    But expanding on my previous point: I just tried killing zombie pigmen on a mob farm on a 1.9 SP world, and the speed at which I did it is mind blowing. Just 3 full hits to kill 100 pigmen and take me from level 0 to 24. The days of spam clicking are over!
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  11. if they are low on health*(wiki: Sweep attack now does 1 () damage to affected mobs.)
  12. Yeah, that's what I meant. But now I might consider removing the fall trap from my farm altogether, as it'll make much more sense to use a looting III sword to kill the pigmen at full health and get more loot ;)
  13. bump to get more community input!!!!