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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by BenMA, Sep 22, 2015.

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  1. I thought of this idea a week ago.
    I guess what it would do was if, i know there are younger players on EMC, block out any mean words, or more mature topics, that player could turn on their family filter with /chat familyfilter or something around the lines of that command. I know they COULD turn chat off, but if they are trying to talk with a friend and there is a more mature topic in town chat, this would allow them to 1. Talk to their friend still and 2. Block out and mature topics or mature words by this I mean: Damn or Hell, sorry for the language i wss just making a point. =0
    Tell me down below what you guys think of this
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  2. well if it isn't appropriate for a 12 year old it doesn't really need to be in town chat. As far as the "language or mean words" goes: they are going to hear/see it other places anyways. I don't understand censoring language and why it has been such a huge thing in the past few decades.
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  3. Im not talking about that bad of stuff, i should have made it more clear, my bad :)
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  4. Very true. I don't tell my daughter not to use bad words, I know she will hear them. I tell her WHY we sometimes use those words.
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  5. Im not gonna rant on but, why does the community shoot down everyones' ideas? When all we are trying to do is help one another? Why cant we be supportive of eachother's ideas? I was only trying to help some younger players who are more sensitive to topics more than others, but that doesnt seem to matter anymore?
    (Yes i know this was a mini-rant)
  6. This is how suggestions work. Someone makes a suggestion and people give their reasons for and against. It's not shooting it down. It's an opinion. Also it could be something that a lot of people don't like but could end up being used or improved upon.
  7. I know this may not stand out to some people, but others may be offended by mature words, yeah they will hear them elsewhere, but is it willingly? Probably not. This filter could really help in my eyez
  8. But instantly you just shot it down, explain how you think it could be improved
  9. Most words are already blocked.
    Shit, damn, hell, and ass are exceptions.
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  10. But some players still might feel "weird" for hearing them and want to block them out
  11. I say we just do this. If you have the filter enabled, it could be like this:
    Shit/Crap - Poop "Holy poop, I just saw a stone slab!"
    Damn - Dang "I'm too hot (hot dang)"
    Hell - Nether "What the nether is going on here?!?"
    Ass - Donkey "You have a nice donkey"
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  12. I certainly did not. I quoted a post from someone else. I haven't shot this idea down at all. It would be adding a few more words to the filter. No harm in that. Personally I wouldn't mind either way though.
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  13. the only thing you can do about that is live in a bubble or join a cult and move onto a reservation. No one shot your idea down. I just explained that it seems to be redundant/unnecessary. Thakloned didn't even really comment on the suggestion... So I'm not seeing what you are I guess.

    If you come up with a suggestion that makes sense or would make things run easier/better I will absolutely back you. There are dozens of people on EMC that I have spent a ridiculous amount of time and even IRL $$ supporting their builds/ideas. I wouldn't do that to someone that said say... lets go die over and over on diff 10 with no armor XD
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  14. I have seen these kinds of filters. It is actually kind of comedic as people start using the "replacement" word and even modifying it in clever ways.

    On one of the games I was helping with there was a really bad C word that was replaced with nice person. We would go around telling all the new people that they were a nice person lol.
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  15. I think some degree of forum censoring would be okay. Back a few months ago, I remember seeing a thread about the Boston Bomber and the death penalty. I feel like some degree of censorship would be useful there.
    Also, maybe a recommended tag added to the title of the thread is something like, "Family unfriendly content," and if the switch is activated, those threads would not be shown. This could avoid strange conversations between kids and their parents.

    Then again, I don't think this would happen because EMC is a family friendly server, so those topics should be deleted so not to erase that title.
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  16. We can just tag the threads to signify family unfriendly content.
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  17. Fixed that for you :p

    I wouldn't let my daughter on the forums until she was at least 11-12. There has been some pretty heinous stuff on here. I say 11-12 not because I agree with ratings at all. PG-13 I would allow my daughter to watch/listen to/participate in now and she is 4. I try not sheltering her too much. ;-)

    I haven't seen anything at all in game that would keep me from allowing her to play if she showed the interest though.
  18. Here we go, improving my idea to make it better! This is whaf we should do, not just state its horrible, tell why/how we could impeove it!
  19. ... no one said it was horrible....
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  20. Not exacly what i meant, "needs to be improved" idea :p
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