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  1. I know EMC likes variety in promos. Make a weapon or some other item. Just please don't do a firework, that is just the most all around promo. I like an item that can shoot arrows that the promo will act as a bow (Unenchanted)!
  2. Urmp der burmp
  3. Are you thinking of 4th of July? Not Independents day?
  4. Perhaps something similar to the Cupid Bow...

    Independence Bow. Shoots random fireworks with the colours of red/white/blue.
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  5. I hate the promo fireworks ~.~

    Maybe a promo steak that cant be consumed? Make it shiny and soulbound and have it be named "Taste the Freedom"
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  6. A bow that shoots arrows with a trail of red white and blue dust/streamers.
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  7. Just please be unbreakable.
    Infinite use, but a 8 hour cooldown (Strength II, Resistance II, and Regeneration II for 5 mins)
    If there is another 2 or so promo suggestions here that are accepted, we could get 2 promos!!!
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  8. Bump fo motha' RUSHA!
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  9. In Russia, fireworks shoot you.. I mean its probably just going to be another firework, unfortunately.. :oops: ..But that is an idea, a firework that launches players in the air in town with the lore "..In Russia, Fireworks shoot you."
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  10. Cool idea! One or two more to have an excuse to get 2 promos!
  11. I might make some...
  12. *Russia

    Some (bad) Ideas:
    Human Firework: Right click TNT to blast you up into the air and you explode in patriotic colors! (Colours for you sassy English Spellers)
    Patriotic Armor: (Prob not possible) Armor that changes color from red, white, to blue.
    Independence Day Dirt: Renamed Dirt.
  13. Personally, I don't think there should be a promo for every holiday. Especially in this case since the one last year was really all we needed. IMO if they did anything, they should just redeploy that promo for everyone to get again.
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  14. Those are some GREAT IDEAS!!!
  15. There isn't a promo for every holiday though.. :oops: ..Or I would own a case of Lief Ericsson items and April Fool's promos.
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  16. A firework that will let you fly in town for one minute... then explodes in a blaze of glory... would be coolness.
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  17. That's quite OP.
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  18. Isn't that completely your style then? ;)
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  19. Meh, its only in town, lasts only a minute, and you could even make it so that you can only do it once a day...
    not much different than ender pearling, nor building sand columns up to build...
    Just a thought...
  20. Definitely a good idea!
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