[Sugestion] Haloween Promo Item(s)

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Yay of Neigh?

Yay (Yes) 20 vote(s) 60.6%
Neigh (No) 1 vote(s) 3.0%
Half and Half 12 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. I think there should be a haloween promo item for haloween! here it is. 2013-09-13_21.28.27.png
  2. Maybe not that exact item, i believe that is impossible, but i would like a haloween item :)
  3. I'm really sorry about this, but my inner Grammar Nazi kicked in, so I might as well... :p
    Yea* not Yay
    Nay* not Neigh
    Halloween* not Haloween
    or* not of :p

    I think that's a really good idea for that, but by "3 armor," do you mean 3 of the little chestplate parts above the hunger bar, or only 1.5 of them?

    It is possible, since with Aikar's smooth coding, he made a Crafting Table into a mobile one that can't be placed down, so he could probably do the same thing with the Pumpkin to make it unplaceable, then add a Protection enchantment for it (I think it works. Can someone verify this for me?). :D
  4. When you mean by 3 Armor, I mean by one and a half armor. Soulbound and Final too.
  5. Ah. That makes sense. Soulbound and Final together won't really make much sense, as it's technically a semi-upgraded Leather Helmet. Final alone, on the other hand, makes sense, as you wouldn't be able to fix the Pumpkin/give new enchantments. :)
  6. Forgot pumpkins where wear-able (even tho i am wearing on right now....) but i would like this now, it is a fully un-breaking leather helmet, i would love it...
  7. Well, why not a Golden Sword named "Death Slayer" or something corny like that, with high enchants. Like for an example, Sharpness VII Knockback IV Fire Aspect I and Unbreaking VI. It would come with a price, around 7.5k I'd say.
    Why not a Jack O Lantern with Protection V, soul bound, blah blah blah. Or an orange leather suit of armor with Protection V Unbreaking VI (comes with a price too).

    But for a free promo item, maybe a special egg, like a snow golem egg, witch egg, something like that. If anyone would like to elaborate, please do so.
  8. I got it. That just gave me an idea, and I'm creating it right now finished with the idea. I'll post my idea in a minute. :D How do you like it? Bukkit only lets me customize my hoes only so much... :c 2013-09-14_00.08.38.png
  9. For a Halloween promo I'd like to be able to acquire a Zombie or Skeleton horse.
  10. I would like this, but only if it were EITHER soulbound, or gave armor.
    If it were both, then it would basically be enderma-proof, permanent armor. I for one would wear it everywhere, because it has almost no risk.
    If it lost souldboundedness(?), there would be a risk of losing it when venturing in the wild (which i think would mean most people would never take it out of town), and if it loses armor, then you lose the advantage of having a helmet in the wild, which would make peaople more inclined to bring armor too. Either way, it makes the pumpking more balanced overall.

    Wait, I just realized what I typed. Am I seriously worried about making sure a pumpkin is balanced?
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  11. i agree that would be a great promo
  12. Yes. Yes, this is awesome. This must happen. :)
  13. protection 1 soulbound, final is pointless cause pumpkind dont take damage
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  14. But You could rename them... :p.....
  15. Well, I have an idea for Halloween, that I am still awaiting response on by the admins xD
    Basically, it would make a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern a "Trick or Treat Bag"
    And... there were a few other things I suggested, but, I don't think I should mention them... yet...
    (BTW, if anyone knew, my favorite holiday is Halloween, also known as "Hallows Eve" :p)
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  16. I say no promo items for Halloween. I want mob disguise again, sooooooo much fun...
  17. Oh... i remember... that.... oh god no.... :p (that was fun actually, except when 50 people were on a res all slimes and silverfish...)
  18. What about both? Hint hint Aikar
  19. Maybe a white Spawn Egg (item id 383:0) that opens a chest of all of the mob spawn eggs (actual spawn eggs) but when you click on one, it would do the following: /d [clicker's player name] [clicked spawn egg]
    I'll try to make a picture ASAP. :)
    EDIT: Better than a picture. See for yourself. ;) (Coordinates: X: -190; Y: 88; Z: 267)
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  20. Yes a enchanted how! I fully support that one I have been wanting one for awhile!