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  1. basicly with the new villerger mob tingy eggs where optaineble for a while but almost no 1 reporterd it
    becouse i tink if u put a reward or promo or a item as reward for reporting a big bug pipel will report it early er

    the point im making is reporting a bug is the rigt thing to do but its way easy er to not report it and exsploit it since a ban does not seam that like
    bad at the point of exsploiting so u make a disision to exsploit it more or report it and in most cases exploiting seems like the better option becouse thats just how the human mind somtimes works
    so i tink we shut add a reward for reporting a bug first to make the choice of reporting the bug way easy er and i tink this will result in that bugs will be reported early er
    and the bugs shut also be clased as in if u report a big exspoid u get a better reward than if u would report somting tinny also i tink these items shut not give a advantage as in if they have effects other promos alray shut have these effects
  2. I agree that there should be some benefit or reward given to the player in exchange for reporting bugs/exploits. In a perfect and entirely trustworthy world, I could see a system like this being implemented and widely used.

    But sadly we live in a world where people would do anything to get something for free. I would love to see people using this feature in its correct way, but what's stopping everyone from making false reports just to get the free item?
  3. It sounds like a good idea but the devs would be swamped with bug reports that would eat up their time. In the real world there would be a diagnostic department assigned to run tests on newly implemented features as well as existing features to check for bugs.

    The best approach is to report the bug when found and just accept the warm and fuzzy feeling you get for reporting it as your reward.
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  4. Something like this would have been useful when EMC was in it's heyday with lots of players and many devs, but given the current size of EMC, it would be quite overkill.
  5. over kill is good
  6. Why does there need to be a reward? Reporting bugs is something that helps the server. Keeping the server going with development is it's own reward!
  7. Bragging right have always existed =P

    "I discovered a super secrety secret which i reported, and is getting fixed, no one will know it existed except me MWAHAHAHA"

    or just be a good samaritan as ThaKloned said, it is a good reward as well

    However, fun fact, real jobs such as these (Ethical Hacker" or "Penetration Tester." "Security Consultant," "Information Security Analyst," or "Vulnerability Assessor.") are quite similar and hired by companies to find vulnerabilities in a system. Since EMC has mostly existed via volunteer work (staff, build teams, etc are all volunteers), don't think its a relevant point here, nor is it reward worthy. (feel there are enough good people to cover this without any rewards)
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