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  1. I canceled my subscription thinking I only wanted to pay for 1 month and have since changed my mind. My current subscription ends 7/27 and I can't seem to find a way to renew my subscription. I'm hoping to avoid losing my second residence. Am I just missing the button/link that will allow me to renew?

    Thank you in advance,
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  2. First and foremost: you will NOT loose anything when your subscription runs out. Empire Minecraft is a server which does NOT stoop that low. What could happen is explained here.

    My suggestion: either leave it, so when things do run out try to apply again. OR... Send the community managers a PM and explain the situation to them.

    But let me stress this out once more: you won't lose your residences, EMC does not play that dirty.
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  3. I really appreciate the information! Thank you very much!

    I think I will let it run out and re-apply, seems to be the easiest and less stressful course of action.

    Thanks again!
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