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  1. Ok so I haven't messed with MC for a bit due to RL "fun" and now I am wanting to get back into it again. I know EMC is running 1.16.4 and I have downloaded all the legal mods that I was using before. Problem is, I can't figure out how to download the 1.16.4 Java Client. When I go to the launcher it gives me the option to download the current release, but not a specific version.

    So here is the stupid do I get the 1.16.4 version, or does EMC also work with 1.16.5?
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  2. 1.16.4 and 1.16.5 are the same on the client-side, so you can run either version. :)
  3. I have to go redownload all the mods for the 1.16.5
  4. Assuming you use Fabric. The 1.16.4 mods should work on 1.16.5 :)
  5. my mild OCD makes me match
    Why it takes me so long to build things and sort
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  6. Open the launcher, select the installations tab at the top, click the +New button, scroll down under the version tab until you find 1.16.4
  7. Nah. Just use 1.16.5. I'll see about prodding Aikar about updating that.
  8. Great to see you active again :)
  9. Welcome Back
  10. So it is ok that I will resume digging chunk sized holes in the wastes???