Stuck in a Ravine, on a Protective Zone

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  1. I happened to have accidentally fallen on a ravine on the way back to the Wilderness Spawn. The ravine is in a protected zone. I cannot climb up to the surface, for it is impossible to do so.
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  2. Type /wild or /town... etc. Just about any teleport command
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  3. What he said.
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  4. I feel stupid for asking this now... Thanks for your help, though, I really appreciate it.
  5. Don't worry about it, it's what this forums here for :)
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  6. It's ok :) It would have been stupid if you hadn't asked.
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  7. All of us have done this once. At least you didn't get stuck on the top of the nether. That ones a little confusing! But all you have to do is attempt to place a block. :)
  8. I learnt that! :3

    And we all have had that time when we get stuck in town because we cant remember /wild
  9. haha I been stuck top of the nether on smp7 first time happen to me I ran around for awhile then decided to run to the nether spawn barely made it with one meat stick :p.Bad thing is it happen to me again couple hours later so I decided to try /town and it work. I was like -_-
  10. BadLuck.PNG

    I'm glad we were able to rescue you in time.
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  11. lol, dwight you and your adventures
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  12. The best part of EMC, to me, is the scalability. There aren't 1000 necessary commands. There are really only a few to know. Claiming a res, and getting back and forth to town. And those commands aren't even necessary to have fun here. You can just go to the wild and stay there. You don't have to walk around for 2 hours trying to find land to claim while dying slowly from a lack of food. You can be involved in the economy. You can be a TEXP leader, or be an explorer. :D
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  13. Not if you joined and aren't 30 days old.
  14. It can be done! At least the monthly TEXP! :D
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  15. Ok, maybe monthly...
  16. Yep :) I love living in the wild I actually build better out there than on a 60x60 res. As TEXP I used to be at top 25 every month before Exp Lvl went to 30 :)
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  17. I was once top of the TEXP Leader boards :') Happy times