Strangest reasons to want/play a game

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  1. What are some of the strangest reasons that have driven you to want to play/buy/want a particular game..? I mean like I am tempted to buy Skyrim only to chase the ghost around the world.. :3
  2. I play Fez because the main character has a fez that can change dimension.
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  3. I play GTA to run kill people and steal cars.
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  4. Strange?
    I think you find that's why everyone plays it. :cool:
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  5. I like killing the cops....
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  6. No, sometimes people play to do the missions.
  7. ;3 love it...
    I play TF2, and cubeworld just coz my friends do...
  8. I play mc to kill green things
  9. I play Plague INC. to see the world be destroyed.
    I play Don't Starve because I feel hardcore, it's WAAAY harder then minecraft
  10. The only reason I bought Skyrim was to run around as a
    and ask for
    Belly Rubs
    and those who don't give me one will
    get ripped apart by my giant paws!
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  11. And attain 6 stars wanted level then try to escape without getting busted/wasted.
    I play BO2 just to stress my GPU
  12. I play COD to get Angry :p
  13. I played New Super Mario Bros (wii) because I saw a hint section for it in a magazine. :p
  14. I played Friday the 13th for the Nintendo to see a purple Jason.
  15. That desire is gonna increase by a huge figure once GTA V comes out XD
  16. I play Harvest Moon cause I want to get married.
  17. I like to play cat mario to have a non-logical reason to snap at someone.
  18. I like to play Portal 2 because of Wheatley's cool accent :3
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  19. I play COD to complain about why the zombies can kill you instantly sometimes.
  20. BO2 is definately not GPU stressing compared to say, Crysis 3 on Ultra? :p
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