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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by gollark, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. So I was checking the forums,and I found that my rupees had gone down while I wasn't playing.When I checked my transaction history,it said that I had bought enderpearls from the Empire shop when I was offline.My r count used to be 10006,now it's 8406.Can someone explain?
    My transaction history:
  2. You could have accidently clicked the sign, which happens a LOT to new players...
  3. Well, SYSTEM must have ran out of stock to supply all of the endermen in Endertopia so the code selects a random players account to purchase more from the shop.

    Or, more than likely, someone knows your account info. Please change your password immediately and remember with the new launcher that saves your info, you need to password protect your PC as well now.
  4. Actually I was on my res.I didn't click any signs
    Actually I was in my house when this happened,but my account info said it was secure.I've changed my password.
  5. Your account hasn't been compromised, it looks like you brought a few enderpearls at smp1 spawn to use at the creative mode 'prank' machine about 45 mins ago. :)
  6. I didn't buy enderpearls.I wasn't even on at the time.And why is that creative machine there?
    I bought enderpearls about 2 weeks ago.
  7. So me and Cow might have got a little bit bored...
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  8. Your account was online and chatting at that time. It was from your IP address. So, if it wasn't you, I'd suggest talking to your brother or sister. :)
  9. My brothers never go on MC or EMC.I don't know how it could be from my IP.
  10. Maybe someone hacked into your minecraft account? There are hackers out there that like to mess with people's stuff. So, I suggest you either change your password, or sell stuff to get those rupees back. :)
  11. Since it was from his IP, it had to be somebody from where he lives. And a sibling is much more likely to lie than an IP log. ;)
  12. Nobody except me that uses my home wifi actually knows my password.And none know how to login to MC or EMC.
  13. Ya... I have a sister and she just plays on her account. Well, if it was a sibling, then something must've been going on and they got mad at you and spent your rupees.
  14. I refer you to post #12
  15. Friends? Brother's friends? Who has access to your home who plays?
  16. Maybe you did it?
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  17. Nobody but me.
  18. A
    And no I didn't.Based on the transaction log,and my iPad time when it happened,I am sure that it was somebody else.
  19. Do you log out of the launcher each time you close Minecraft? The new launcher saves your password by default, so unless you manually log out every time you go AFK, logging in is as a simple as starting the launcher and clicking Play.
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  20. No and:
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