Stolen railway ! [smp7]

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  1. Hello,

    In the previous weeks, I had build a railway line through the Frontier Nether on SMP7. It stretches on more than 1500 blocks, so you can guess it took time to gather material and build it. The rules say "no griefing or stealing", so I was confident there would be no trouble with this.

    Today, I discover than more than 200 blocks of tracks have been stolen... Wtf? Doesn't the "no griefing" rule apply on the Frontier as well? Can I do anything about this?

    Oh, and of course, thanks a lot to the griefer(s).
  2. Just contact staff about it, I am sure they will help ;).
    And the no griefing rule does also apply on frontier.
  3. Just PM a moderator.
    The mods have tools like logs to catch people who are in a certain area and who breaks what blocks.
  4. As the other two have previously stated, it's best to contact a Staff member about it and they'll get to it as soon as possible. Good luck with catching the culprit(s) and your rails back =)
  5. People already mentioned; you need to contact staff. Best way to do that is to use the /staff command in-game, then contact the person you see (optionally you may need to hop servers). Another option is to sent one of them a private message through the forums.

    Second: yes, there are 'no griefing' rules, as the others said, but unfortunately that doesn't mean that everyone lives up to it. Which is where the staff members comes in.

    On the positive side; there are plans in the making to allow people with a claimed outpost (frontier) to protect that plot of land which should give you the same kind of protection as in town. But; right now that's all it is, something we heard Senior Staff mention a few times.

    Hope you'll manage to fix this mess :confused:
  6. Thanks people. Griefing reported. Now, it is just a matter of mining iron and gold to fix that mess :)
  7. Speaking of which, you got mail :p